Policing Cannot Be A Fair Fight

Please read my last post on eliminating police unions so that police can be held accountable to upholding the highest standards of justice. I am taking for a given that the police force described in this post earnestly strives for justice.

Police forces will always be vastly outnumbered by the general population. Therefore, police cannot engage in “fair fights”.… read more “Policing Cannot Be A Fair Fight”

Shut Down Police Unions, Don’t Defund Police


The story linked to above is roughly how a vigilante attempting to protect property (and then himself) from violent mobs shot several people to death.

Vigilantes are a natural result when there is no police presence. People who feel physically threatened or feel their property is being threatened will respond violently.

The vigilante in this case may not have owned the property, but been trying to protect someone else’s property and may even have been a member of some wack job militia.… read more “Shut Down Police Unions, Don’t Defund Police”

Special Interests Destroying America

Repeated reforms attempting to correct the harms done by special interests throughout my life have failed in the United States. At this point, special interests are more powerful than ever and have completely corrupted America.

Our national defense has been destroyed by special interest pork barrel projects. . We are building weapons to fight wars from the 1900’s when future wars will be fought with new weapons.… read more “Special Interests Destroying America”

Allergists – Special Interest Racket

Turns out I have some allergies. I went to a doctor and got tested with a panel of allergens. The doctor wants me to come in once a week for three to five years to get shots to build up my tolerance of the allergens.

Why can’t this treatment be done at home? The doctor claims that patients have sometimes a bad allergic reaction.… read more “Allergists – Special Interest Racket”


I just looked at tiktok for the first time… very addictive site… 
Like twitter, a giant time sink / waste..

I feel sorry for teenagers. when i was a teenager i would have spent my whole life watching these…

You have nothing better to do at that age…
I think that the pandemic destroyed traditional entertainment… no new movies or shows.
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