Allergists – Special Interest Racket

Turns out I have some allergies. I went to a doctor and got tested with a panel of allergens. The doctor wants me to come in once a week for three to five years to get shots to build up my tolerance of the allergens.

Why can’t this treatment be done at home? The doctor claims that patients have sometimes a bad allergic reaction. I actually went online and read the frequency of this and it’s incredibly low. Also, all they are going to do for me there is give me an EpiPen shot and to me to the ER. I can do that at home.

This is basically just a scam to get insurance co-pays once a week for 5 years and pay for the doctor’s new boat.

I really hate the FDA and our overall medical system in the United States that serves only to enrich doctors and the facilities they work for.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.