TimeDoctor to QBO Time Tracker Importer

I spent a good amount of time last weekend and a few hours yesterday building a tool that automatically imports TimeDoctor worklogs and parses them into Quickbooks Online Time Tracker. My team seems pretty happy to have a tool to do this as it eliminates the redundancies of entering time in both systems. Nice win!


I have taken a week off of running so far due to the knee pain I have had. I think it is an IT band issue. May need another week or two off. I am still climbing pretty tough though as that seems to put a bit less stress on the knee.

Leaving Wells Fargo

‚ÄčAs the CEO of a much smaller business, I completely agree that the management team of Wells Fargo is guilty of creating the policies that led to this widespread scamming of customers. As a Wells Fargo business customer, I also experienced their reps trying to push sketchy accounts and sales on me. I would love to switch banks, but we have hundreds of outside accounts (customers, employees, vendors, other accounts payable) linked in to Wells Fargo.… read more “Leaving Wells Fargo”

Coalition Website Redesign

I went through the whole process of redesigning the Coalition website, but just don’t feel that the new version is good enough, so I put it on hold. I think I am going to start from scratch again. My key goals for the website are to:

  1. Clearly convey our value proposition to customers
  2. Super fast page load speed / AMP compatibility
  3. Professional, nice design

I want to rethink our message and how it is portrayed.… read more “Coalition Website Redesign”

Knee Pain

I have had some pain in the outside of my right knee for a few weeks now. It got especially bad over the weekend, so I have stopped running for now. I am hoping it is just an IT band issue that with some rest and added stretching / strengthening gets better. Did some research on it and have been doing some little strengthening things.