How To Stop Fake News & Propaganda

Vladimir Putin is a wily ex-KGB fox who is constantly seeking ways to gain an advantage over other countries in Russia’s cold and warm wars around the world. Finally, he has found a critical weakness in the armor of democracy and capitalism and is exploiting it to the max – fake news and propaganda.

Russia has used fake news and propaganda not only in America’s elections but also is using it in very effective ways in many other countries.… read more “How To Stop Fake News & Propaganda”

Trust vs Fake Facts

Jeremy told me about a discussion he had with his friend.

Jeremy said, “Trump is a bad person.”

The friend replied, “How do you know?”

“Trump cheated on his wives while they were pregnant. He paid off women he had affairs with to hide it. He committed tax fraud on a massive scale. And these are just the clearly proven things!”… read more “Trust vs Fake Facts”

Google Trends Says Assassination Interest is Growing

I was curious about how people have been reacting to Donald Trump’s recent behavior (earning Putin’s praise and his own Secretary of Defenses resignation by abandoning US allies in Syria, shutting down the government to try to get a wall), so I looked at Google Trends to see search traffic on terms related to assassination. It appears there is now the highest ever search traffic on “assassinate the president” in America since Google started tracking this.… read more “Google Trends Says Assassination Interest is Growing”

Outlaw Certificates of Need Con

Price discovery is indeed difficult in the current market. However, the current healthcare market is no where close to a free market.

For example, suppose you wanted to start a hospital that offered price transparency, like the Surgery Center of Oklahoma does. (1)

In thirty-five states and the District of Columbia, you’d first have to acquire a certificate-of-need (CON) from the state healthcare regulators.… read more “Outlaw Certificates of Need Con”

Lobster Dream

I dreamed last night I had been turned into a lobster.

How would you communicate with people that you were a lobster? How would you communicate you needs to live such as salt water at the right temperature, the right food, etc? How would you even get any attention at all when you were in a barely survivable environment?… read more “Lobster Dream”