Outlaw Certificates of Need Con

Price discovery is indeed difficult in the current market. However, the current healthcare market is no where close to a free market.

For example, suppose you wanted to start a hospital that offered price transparency, like the Surgery Center of Oklahoma does. (1)

In thirty-five states and the District of Columbia, you’d first have to acquire a certificate-of-need (CON) from the state healthcare regulators.… read more “Outlaw Certificates of Need Con”

Lobster Dream

I dreamed last night I had been turned into a lobster.

How would you communicate with people that you were a lobster? How would you communicate you needs to live such as salt water at the right temperature, the right food, etc? How would you even get any attention at all when you were in a barely survivable environment?… read more “Lobster Dream”

Why Venezuela Won’t Collapse

The Economist | A strangely durable gangster state https://www.economist.com/node/21755200?frsc=dg%7Ce

Venezuela’s economy has completely collapsed, yet it’s dictatorship remains in power. How? Modern weaponry make it very difficult for a revolution to happen anymore. A single machine gun can hold down hundreds of people in slavery. Planes and bombs and secret police and AI monitoring communication means that a very small group can control millions of people.… read more “Why Venezuela Won’t Collapse”

Why Can’t Millenials Get Married Or Buy Homes?

Key points I am trying (poorly) to make in this post:

  • End of life care that is extremely expensive and miserable for the patient isĀ  not a great use of resources.
  • Older generations (including myself) need to do a better job at sharing wealth with younger generations.

My wife and I have been fortunate that we were able to get married when we chose to and buy a home when we chose to.… read more “Why Can’t Millenials Get Married Or Buy Homes?”