I started playing a game called Wordscapes on my phone that I saw my wife playing. These games are extremely dangerous in that they prey upon human psychological traits (variable rewards, etc) in order to try to get their users literally addicted.

What Shall I Teach My Kids?

What are the most important skills for success in life?

  1. Work ethic / persistence
  2. Reading and writing
  3. Math and science
  4. Social skills
  5. Debate
  6. Programming
  7. Athletics
  8. Identifying fraud / scams / dishonest people / untruths
  9. Reproduction is the meaning of life, literally
  10. Creative thinking
  11. Critical thinking
  12. Reasoning from first principles
  13. Family and friends
  14. Entertainers (sports, music, acting) are not good role models and you don’t want to be them.
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Pretty much every single person reading this in America is an immigrant, a child, or grand child, or great grand child of immigrants. So why do we have this huge wave of xenophobic opposition to immigration here?

Immigrants are massively beneficial to our economy. People who are willing to work their way up in tough jobs that don’t pay well and citizens now aren’t willing to are vital to growing our overall economy.… read more “Immigration”

Repeal the ADA

The ADA is primarily used by predatory lawyers to sue anyone they can to collect huge fees. Most modern buildings and websites are very friendly towards the disabled. We no longer need this legislation that has now been heavily weaponized by evil attorneys.

Epic Song: Volga Boatmen with Red Army Choir and Leonid Kharitonov

This song is epic. I especially like some of the funny comments people had posted:

  • In Soviet Russia, this is boyband.
  • Made the fatal mistake of listening to this while shaving. I have to shave again now.
  • Every country has it’s own mafia, in Russia mafia has it’s own country.
  • I listen to this masterpiece every time I feel my testosterone level is too low and my beard is too short.
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