Lobster Dream

I dreamed last night I had been turned into a lobster.

How would you communicate with people that you were a lobster? How would you communicate you needs to live such as salt water at the right temperature, the right food, etc? How would you even get any attention at all when you were in a barely survivable environment?

What if you were in a Chinese restaurant and they didn’t speak English? You know they will boil you alive, but you are piled into a big tank with other lobsters and all of you are barely surviving.

I would not want to be a lobster, even a lobster with human level intelligence.

I think AI will view us with even less regard than we do lobsters. Our environment may become barely sustainable for life or even not sustain it at all. Even without AI, humans are poisoning the environment we live in and are turning it into a political football so you can’t point it out without being called a liberal. Almost all scientists agree we are doing it and it is bad, but propaganda is so powerful most people doubt it’s happening or that it matters.

I am only slightly more optimistic about my future as a human than as a intelligent lobster.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.