Amazon Support Vs Google Support

I contacted Google Support on Google Fi tonight as my phone’s speaker was crackling. This is a phone that I had just received from Google as a replacement for another one that I had had a screen failure on. I pay $5 a month for Google’s insurance policy with a $99 deductible for replacements with issues like this. I paid the $99 deductible on the screen failure, but I expected that when they sent me a faulty replacement phone they would replace it at no additional cost. Instead I spent an hour on chat with their customer service person who had extremely poor English and did not understand my requests. This customer support person ultimately refused to let me exchange the phone without a deductible. This was an incredibly bad customer experience. I spent over an hour and the person stopped talking to me after a while.

By contrast, I had purchased a generator on Amazon for approximately the same price as I had spent on the phone. I had not purchased any warranty or extra coverage whatsoever. The generator had arrived with a faulty fuel gauge. I clicked on the return page on Amazon as I didn’t see other options. It then asked me for details which I filled in and then offered me an option to talk to a phone rep. Two seconds later, I received a call from the phone rep who had excellent English and quickly went through my options; either return for a full refund or keep it with the problem it has and get a 20% discount. I chose to take the discount and keep it. Start to finish, this whole process took 3 minutes and I was extremely happy about the outcome.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.