The interwebs brought me this hilarious video of these walking up to random girls and telling them “Put your number in my phone”. They have a pretty big success rate… only 25% of the girls said no or said they had a boyfriend! I wonder how many numbers were fake.  Pretty awesome! LA ladies are lucky I am in a committed relationship lol or they would be feeling very awkward.… read more “Best Pickup Ever: PUT YOUR NUMBER IN MY PHONE”

Dating is Sales

The correlation between dating and sales is unmistakable. Many steps in both processes are an exact match for one another. Below I am going to compare how the dating and sales processes work and also analyze my own current performance. Hopefully you will be able to gain some takeaways for your own life.

Step Sales Dating Joel
Research What am I selling and who is my customer?
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Joel’s New Agent

World-class talent needs proper representation. As an up and coming superstar, I have hired myself an agent from Samanianianian Talent Agency named Cynthia. No longer will I need to grovel with the common herd of humanity in order to accomplish my goals. Instead, Cynthia will take care of the dirty details and my hands will remain immaculately perfect.‚ … read more “Joel’s New Agent”

Aggressive Networking

Friday night I walked into Ballroom in Fremont at 9 pm with Nick & Brian.‚  We were there early so we wouldn’t have to pay cover and could eat some food.‚  We were all hungry after playing two hours of basketball earlier and Brian had claimed that the pizza at the Ballroom was very good… but Brian also greatly enjoys KFC, so Nick and I had some serious doubts.… read more “Aggressive Networking”