What Matters in Life

It took me my whole life to work through the false guesses and outright lies other people provide for the meaning of life.

First, I was told loving Jesus was the meaning of life. It took me till I was 17 or 18 to figure out that Jesus and other religions were just fakes. Religion is a mind virus that spreads through people’s fear of death and hell, and their hope to see their dead loved ones again although it has no basis in reality.
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Owners Vs Managers

I had an interesting meeting with a client this morning. The clients business is a very big one, so the people we work with there are not connected in any way to the founder / owner.

It is fascinating to compare the difference between business owners and business managers. Owners understand the trade offs between branding and revenue generation.… read more “Owners Vs Managers”

How To Know If You’re Getting Old

Consider these following facts to know if you are getting old:

  1. A 6th grader who watched Avatar become the highest grossing film ever, wasn’t yet born when the last highest grossing film (Titanic) came out.
  2. Most high school seniors weren’t born yet when Bill Clinton became president.
  3. The Little Mermaid just celebrated it’s 21st birthday.

I Can Say Fuck On the Public Internets!

And the world didn’t explode.

People are nazis when it comes to self-policing their names online.  Many people hide all of their activities under various pseudonyms.

Under their own names, they are only willing to do super bland & inane activities like create a LinkedIn profile or write an Amazon review.  Many of these same individuals then go to other websites and spew hatred, racism, child porn, troll comments, and many other idiotic activities under hidden pseudonyms like “2Cute4U” and “YourMomisaHo56382932847”.… read more “I Can Say Fuck On the Public Internets!”

Disguising Your Online Identity is Pointless

In this post, I am discussing hiding your blog with a pseudonym… not your illegal downloading activities.

95% of my blogging friends disguise their blogs so people can’t figure out who they are by just looking at the blogs, nor can people Google them and find the blogs.  People generally disguise their blogs because they think family & friends will judge them or that their boss will fire them. … read more “Disguising Your Online Identity is Pointless”

Suffocating Existentialism

Amazon had good ratings on a book, “The Stranger” by Albert Camus so I bought it.  Reading it took only about two hours tonight and I found it to be a fascinating book about a man who kills another man and goes on trial and is condemned.  Throughout the whole ordeal, the man just does not seem to care much one way or the other, he only exists for the moment and the short term future. … read more “Suffocating Existentialism”

Fremont Solstice Parade: Naked Bicyclists

I attended the Fremont Summer Solstice Fair yesterday and had a blast… lots of sun, hippies, drinks, and fun.  I actually sadly missed the nude bicyclists, but I did see about a thousand of them in Portland last weekend.

I do have a question though: As much as I like naked bicyclists, isn’t it against the law? … read more “Fremont Solstice Parade: Naked Bicyclists”