Stock Market Reporting Completely Garbage

I have developed an intense loathing of reading or watching journalists cover the stock market.‚  Invariably, whether the stock market goes up, down or stays the same, journalists feel the need to attribute it to some obvious factor.‚  For instance, today the (usually a good newspaper) had a front page article that said, “On Wall Street, financial markets initially seized on the fact that monthly job losses had not increased in February, and stocks rose in early trading.‚ … read more “Stock Market Reporting Completely Garbage”

Snoqualmie Casino Scandal: Snoqualmie WA Casino Hurts Washington

The Snoqualmie Tribe recently received recognition by the federal government with the sole goal of building a casino near Seattle.‚  In 1996, greedy investors approached the few Snoqualmie tribe members living in the area and set up a deal with them to get them recognition as a tribe (done in 1999), get them a reservation (done in 2006) and get them a casino (opening in a few days).‚ … read more “Snoqualmie Casino Scandal: Snoqualmie WA Casino Hurts Washington”

U.S. Government May Bailout Auto Companies

Now that the United States government has cast aside its free market ideals in the wake of the subprime mortgage & credit crises, it is planning on expanding its reach from just banks to auto companies and perhaps ailing steel and airline companies. General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are at the front of this line of poorly managed companies begging for bailout cash.… read more “U.S. Government May Bailout Auto Companies”

Stock Market in Death Spiral

… Ok, so maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated, but look at the graph below of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the last year to see how much the stock market has been dropping.

The markets are way down and going down further each and every day.‚  Today alone, the DJIA fell over 500 points and the S&P 500 lost almost 6% of its total value.‚ … read more “Stock Market in Death Spiral”

July 21st Interesting Articles

  • Loud music playing in bars causes patrons to drink more. Bar flies increase their average drink consumption from 2.6 drinks to 3.4 drinks and drink faster (14.51 minutes to 11.45 minutes). No wonder clubs are deafening.
  • Facebook has redesigned it’s web pages to get rid of spam and create a better user experience. Thank god, I was getting sick and tired of those spammy stupid apps that try to get me to join someone’s Zombie army.
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Marriage is a strange beast. Marriage involves dedicating yourself to a single person for the rest of your life. To make such a commitment, you must agree to give up many of your old priorities and take on new ones that may or may not be what you would like.

By getting married, you must give up much of your freedom.… read more “Marriage”

Too Many Expenses

I have spent far too much money in the last month on going out to restaurants, bars and clubs. I also spent money on various other ridiculous crap. Here is my analysis of the $1200 of stuff I have spent my money on lately. I need to be a lot wiser with the spending…. this doesn’t even include my grocery shopping at Costco which runs me a freaking grand a month.… read more “Too Many Expenses”