July 21st Interesting Articles

  • Loud music playing in bars causes patrons to drink more. Bar flies increase their average drink consumption from 2.6 drinks to 3.4 drinks and drink faster (14.51 minutes to 11.45 minutes). No wonder clubs are deafening.
  • Facebook has redesigned it’s web pages to get rid of spam and create a better user experience. Thank god, I was getting sick and tired of those spammy stupid apps that try to get me to join someone’s Zombie army.
  • The elderly and very ill are increasingly visiting Tijuana to get animal medication to commit suicide. I think it really stinks that suicide is not legal. One of our most basic constitutional right is the “right to life”. The right to life should also include ending it when desired.
  • Andrew Chen writes a very informative article on targeting the audience that is right for your product. Most startups flock to TechCrunch and other tech oriented websites when announcing new products and forget their core target audience.
  • Sadly, it appears that Lorirose is not going to be blogging anymore. Hopefully she changes her mind soon.
  • Myspace is joining OpenId, hopefully eventually allowing users to take their information from one site to the next. How cool would it be to see all my commenters Myspace info next to what they have to say? It certainly would make the conversations much more personal.

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