Sigma Chi Derby Days

Faryar sent me the following funny video from an event called “Derby Days” our old fraternity, Sigma Chi, hosted annually. Basically, this video was shot of some Chi Omegas during a dance competition between all of the different sororities (one of several events held during Derby Days).

After I watched this Sigma Chi Derby Days video, YouTube showed related videos… here are a couple more funny videos from Sigma Chi:

Pretty funny video made by Oregon Sigma Chi’s for a Derby Days fundraiser entitled “Cry”… funny parody.… read more “Sigma Chi Derby Days”

Devil’s Swimming Pool – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Devil’s Swimming Pool is located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and has become a hot destination for global adventurers. During the months of September and December, eager travelers can venture out to the very edge of the 128 meteer tall waterfall and swim around. Takes a big pair to go play here. Scroll down to the bottom to watch the video on how some truly nuts people play at the Devil’s Swimming more “Devil’s Swimming Pool – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe”

Remembering Fred Stephens

Fred’s family has established the Frederick Stephens III Memorial Scholarship Fund so that those who wish to contribute to the memory of Fred may do so.‚  Michael Hesamer will be going on trial for Fred Stephen’s murder on March 5, 2009.

At the request of Fred Stephen’s family, I have removed all photos for the time more “Remembering Fred Stephens”

Should I Hire A Maid?

I have been debating recently about hiring a maid. I looked on Craigslist and a maid could be had for $20 twice a week, which sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I hate folding clothes and ironing and am not a big fan of cleaning, so it would make a lot of sense I think for me to get someone to take care of these ornery chores for me.… read more “Should I Hire A Maid?”

Upcoming Economic Troubles

I think that the United States is approaching multiple financial crises. The Fed made a once in a generation move today, cutting the federal funds rate by .75%, a huge change in policy. Bush is trying to put together an economic stimulus package going into the elections of $145 billion. But I don’t think that these measures will do anything more than delay the inevitable bursting of the bubble our economy has been in.… read more “Upcoming Economic Troubles”

Survival of the Fittest

I just read a ten page story in the New York Times debating the environmental ethics surrounding a bird-watcher who killed a feral cat. Most environmental ethicists cited claimed that it was right to kill the feral cat, because it was a species unnaturally introduced into the environment.

That line of reasoning is complete bullshit. The most “natural” way is to just let things happen.… read more “Survival of the Fittest”

U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits

Over the last few year, the figures the government has been releasing on the budget deficits has been far underreported. What they did was took out the interest that the massive Social Security and Medicare trust funds earned on money kept in bonds… for instance if the deficit was going to be $400 billion they subtracted out the $200 billion in interest payments.… read more “U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits”