Should I Hire A Maid?

I have been debating recently about hiring a maid. I looked on Craigslist and a maid could be had for $20 twice a week, which sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I hate folding clothes and ironing and am not a big fan of cleaning, so it would make a lot of sense I think for me to get someone to take care of these ornery chores for me. On the other hand, it’s not too difficult for me just to do these things myself and I should probably be wiser with my money. Am I just being lazy or should I make my life a little better by getting a maid?

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Joel Gross

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9 thoughts on “Should I Hire A Maid?”

  1. That isn’t such a bad deal, you’re right. And, if it makes me happy then you’re actually getting a less hostile living environment, more sex and more frequent approval of Halo time.

  2. Umm… I think you mixed up Ben and I’s blogs, Rachelle…

    Unless you are planning on moving into the Batcave and buying me an XBOX 360 with Halo lol.

  3. Goldy Locks, you should become a dirty Latina maid. I think you can get training and registration from the Dirty Latina Maid Assocation of the Americas (DLMAA). Look it up. 😉

  4. I have oft considered the same thing – but the maid part is just part of it – thinking quasi maid/personal assistant. Was going to hire a college student to do stuff like pickup / drop off dry cleaning, get my car detailed / oil changed, light cleaning, grocery shopping… call it 5 hours a week @ $15 an hour? 300 bucks a month? well worth it

  5. Boink, that’s brilliant! If only I made more money… I must begin to work on it immediately. I would love to have a personal assistant. Do all the little shit that I don’t want to bother with. Hmm… how can I make this work…

  6. Dude this is easy…we just have to work on our gizmo plans! Once that plan has been launched and is in operation you will have tons of maids!

    No but seriously you should put an ad on craigslist saying that you need a PA and you are willing to pay X amount for Y amount of hours per week. Include a list of things the PA needs to do, include dirty filthy sex in that list as well so the PA doesnt get shocked when you answer your door wearing a bunny outfit with leather whips. I’m sure you will get some responses.

  7. Hmm… X amount of dollars for Y amount of hours….

    Y=100 hour weeks

    I think it would be better to surprise my personal assistant maid with all of her exciting chores. She’ll have plenty of time to get used to it in her specialty maid box. I’ll put the box in my maid closet, alongside my washer and dryer and other gimp boxes.


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