Brett Favre and the Zodiac Killer

After work yesterday, I walked up the Fox Sports Grill on 5th & Pike in downtown Seattle and watched the Cowboys-Packers game with Nick Fitzer and a bunch of his friends. The Dallas Cowboys won, while Brett Favre went down with an injured arm. I don’t usually watch much sports and I think it was more entertaining to watch the crowds of office denizens yell at the plasma televisions in the bar and each other than the game itself.

Post game, Nick and his buddies and I went to one of his friend’s condos to watch the Zodiac. The film is a true story about a killer who sent newspapers letters and puzzles about his identity and his murders. Red tape and problems with evidence let him stay free until he died of a heart attack fifteen years later.

I didn’t get home till after midnight and my corporate slaving butt had to get up early, so I’m a bit tired today. I will take a nap after work before I do anything.

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