U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits

Over the last few year, the figures the government has been releasing on the budget deficits has been far underreported. What they did was took out the interest that the massive Social Security and Medicare trust funds earned on money kept in bonds… for instance if the deficit was going to be $400 billion they subtracted out the $200 billion in interest payments. However, no money actually changed hands; this is just money that the government owes itself. This is an accounting scandal far worse than Enron or Worldcom or Healthsouth. Politicians have deliberately hidden the numbers this way because both major parties have had a hand in creating this issue. For the last two years, the government has been operating at a major CASH deficit- if the government was a business it would be teetering at the edge of bankruptcy. The Social Security Administration, at current rates, is expected to collapse in six to nine years. Americans are facing economic collapse on an unprecedented scale. This will make Black Tuesday and the start of the Great Depression look like a mild downturn. I recommend getting your investments out of cash and into property and foreign mutual funds. No one can predict precisely when the economy will crash (except the Chinese; when they stop investing in U.S. bonds the crash will probably begin), so you should start to protect yourself now. Cash is the worst investment, U.S. stocks the second worst. Soon, I am going to start to short sell U.S. stocks and maybe make a little money when the market crashes.

Fiscal year Reported surplus/deficit Debt increase Debt at start of year Debt at year’s end
2000 $236.2 billion surplus $23.2 billion $5.606 trillion $5.629 trillion
2001 $128.2 billion surplus $141.2 billion $5.629 trillion $5.770 trillion
2002 $157.8 billion deficit $428.5 billion $5.770 trillion $6.198 trillion
2003 $377.6 billion deficit $561.6 billion $6.198 trillion $6.760 trillion
2004 $412.7 billion deficit $594.7 billion $6.760 trillion $7.355 trillion
2005 $318.3 billion deficit $550.6 billion $7.355 trillion $7.905 trillion
2006 $248.2 billion deficit $546.1 billion $7.905 trillion $8.451 trillion
2007 $162.8 billion deficit $497.1 billion $8.451 trillion $8.949 trillion

As of today, the U.S. federal deficit is over $9.1 trillion. That is $30,000 for every man, woman and child living in the United States. It also doesn’t take into account the $2 trillion in debt owed by states and cities. Or the $2.2 trillion owed by consumers. Or the trillions owed by American corporations.

The previous generations of Americans (those from WW1 up till today’s big spenders) have lived large and their debt will be called in soon and my generation and the next generations of Americans will have to pay up.


I slept in today and ate a trough of cereal. I love eating, it is one of the great joys in life along with friends, love, sex, football and challenges. Speaking of eating, I am really excited about learning how to cook a new meal tomorrow after work from my friend Ian who is a professional chef. Ian cooks food that is head and shoulders above anything else I have ever tasted and I’ve eaten a lot of the best restaurants in Seattle and elsewhere. He has an incredible passion for cooking that comes out whenever he even talks about it… his descriptions of food make my mouth water. He loves preparing meals like I love eating them. We are the ultimate pairing, the creator and the appreciator. I have the good fortune of meeting him every Monday evening and having him teach me how to prepare top quality meals. I can’t wait for tomorrow; Fletch is coming over to and the three of us are going to have a feast and drink some wine. There is a core group of friends; Fletch, Jeremy, Ian, Jarek and I and whenever two of us get together we have a great time, but three or more always makes for some highly entertaining debauchery. We are planning on making scallops with some sort of vinaigrette salad… Ian will be demonstrating and helping me learn how it’s done. Yum.

After I went to Costco this morning, Nick Fitzer gave me a call and wanted to play tennis. I drove up to the IMA to meet him, but when I got there, I saw a bunch of guys playing touch football. I love playing football almost as much as I love to eat, so I convinced Nick that we should go join them. We played for around two and a half hours and had a great time. I quarterbacked my team and scored five rushing touchdowns and ten passing touchdowns. At the end, we decided that we would have an overtime style playoff to determine the winner. The rules were that you had to line up at the 15 yard line and score a TD within 4 plays. I and the opposing quarterback were very good, so we just took turns scoring several times. Finally, one of my teammates said he wanted to try quarterback, and proceeded to lose possession on downs and then threw and interception on his next possession. Useless. We lost, but that didn’t matter, I had a wonderful time. I love being young, healthy, and in my prime. Watching the ravages of age on the older generation makes me appreciate what I have right now so much more. Statistics show that big guys like me generally have a shorter life span and more things go wrong with us as we age. I’m not sure if that is because big guys don’t have the short man mentality and don’t press as hard to stay in shape or if it’s because carrying more weight stretched across a bigger frame causes more problems. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Whatever, I like it my way. I would rather live fast, big and hard and flame out early then do nothing with my life and slowly die. I do a fair amount of running and exercising, so it was fun to see it pay off as I was quick as all these little guys and when I reached speed, way faster. They were really shocked to see a guy a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier juke them and then burn their cutoff angles. Then I came home and watched a bunch of guys play football on television who are a hundred pounds heavier than I am and far stronger make dives and moves that I couldn’t keep up with. I’ve learned to keep life in perspective; at almost everything you try there will always be someone better and someone worse than you… you can only compete against yourself.

After football, I came home and did my laundry, which I have been avoiding, while watching the Eagles almost beat the undefeated Patriots. Now I just have to put the clothes away and clean my kitchen for the dinner tomorrow and I’ll be good for the evening.

Annoying Wrist

I am not sure exactly what is wrong with my wrist but it has been bothering me for about a week. I think it is a combination of a sprain and an keyboard/mouse overuse injury. Yeah, pretty gay I know, but when you spend most of your time working with computers and don’t have ergonomic equiptment, ligaments and tendons get hurt.

The Sun Is Not The Center Of The Universe…

I am.

And shut up, I know the sun is not the center of the universe, but of our galaxy. It sounds better my way.

I hated growing up and being virtually powerless to control the world around me. Authority figures and I have never gotten along well, mostly because I’m a stubborn ass and KNOW that my way is the only right way. As a kid, many other people had direct control over my life; my parents, teachers, grandparents, along with a host of others and I hated it. It is a terrible thing to understand the world better than many of the people who control your destiny. My grandpa always told me that when I grew up I would discover that other people (meaning him) were right about what I should do. He did have tons of good advice that I ended up taking, but I always picked and choosed and determined for myself what I thought was right and stuck to it. The times I have been the most angry and depressed in my life were the times when I was forced to abide by rules and ideas that I disagreed with.

Living on my own and making all of my own decisions since I left my grandparents house for college has been heaven. The only thing to hold me back from accomplishing my goals is myself. I am happier now than I have ever been and am proud of the choices that I have made. I love the lifestyle I have; I eat the best food, go fun places, have my own place and pick who I spend my time with. In my current job as a Business Analyst, I have been learning a lot about how to get a start up running and what works and what doesn’t. I am going to be building and launching my own product at the company starting now and should gain tons more invaluable experience. In the not to distant future, I will be getting my own company really kicked and off, though I have also been contemplating getting an MBA or trying to rapidly leapfrog up the corporate ladder.

I believe that there are only a few things about my life currently that I would change. I need to find ways to make myself more disciplined, find a cheaper apartment and get a roommate (preferably my girlfriend), learn more recipes and get into top physical form. Mostly though, I am happier than I have ever been and my prospects look excellent for continued improvement.

Tit Bit Nipply

I just got home to my apartment and remembered that before I had left, I’d opened my sliding door to let my place get some fresh air. It was much warmer on Thursday afternoon than it is now and I am freezing.

Thanksgiving was quite pleasant; I played scrabble with my grandma, wrestled around with my three little brothers (only knocking one lamp over) and gorged myself on turkey and stuffing and other goodies. Fortunately, I have the world’s fastest metabolism and probably lost weight by going home and not eating as continuously as I regularly do. Yesterday, I went to my friend Justin White’s house and hung out with him and his family. The White’s are really great people, they are kind and generous and always have an optimistic outlook on life. Justin had been planning on marrying his girlfriend this coming summer, but the genius got her pregnant and now they are getting married in January. He appears to be very happy about this new development and the new girl doesn’t seem to be Satan incarnate like the last one, so I am happy for him. I spent most of my time at their house playing Madden on Xbox 360; makes me glad I don’t have one or I would be an addict. We also watched the Apple Cup (which UW lost after giving up monster plays to WSU) and played a little World of Warcraft. Everyone I know who didn’t go to college and some who did are addicted to that game. I played it a little bit during college, but got bored and quit. I know a few guys who have spent thousands of hours playing it and I work with one guy who has spent 174 days of game time on one of two level 70 characters (the game keeps track of exactly how much total time you have played). If we double the 174 to account for two level 70s, then multiply that by 24 hours in a day and then divide that by a 40 hour work week and divide again by 50 work weeks in a year, we discover that my coworker has spent 4 FULL YEARS OF 40 HOUR WORK WEEKS PLAYING A COMPUTER GAME. My god, what could he have accomplished if he did something better with his time?!?! Probably not turned into such a douche.

Alright, I think my testicles are about to pull up permanently into my belly, so I’m going to put some pants on.

Excellent Sushi

Ian and I had some excellent sushi tonight. We went to Omi’s sushi restaurant in Pioneer Square and had 6 sushi rolls that only cost $3 apiece and 2 monster 45 oz hard drinks. Very good.

After we finished our sushi, we went to his buddies’ house and hung out for a few minutes and then headed over to a really cool Capitol Hill bar called the Hideout. It was a very quiet bar from the outside with only a little neon “cocktails” sign hanging out front. Inside, it was trendy and full of young hipsters having some drinks. Ian and I sat down and had a couple shots of Jager followed by 3 beers. Later we headed back to Ian’s place for some of the greatest mac and cheese I had ever imagined with a touch of white truffle oil. Yum.

Ian is one of the best chefs in the world and cooks for some of the most prestigious people in the northwest. So incredibly good. The same man who creates fine dining experiences for the most wealthy and powerful people on Earth cooks me some incredibly tasty meals. I am a very lucky man. Ian and I also decided that he, Fletch and I are going to have dinner’s every monday night from now on (when convenient). Life has just taken a very significant turn for the better.

My IPod Mini Died and Apple Won’t Give Me A New One…

Who cares if it is several years past the expiration of the warranty? Dammit, I want a new one!

Perhaps I will get an iPhone now. Camera, Ipod, Phone and PDA all wrapped into one… yum. The data package is ridiculously expensive, but perhaps they will let me just get the phone on my current package. We’ll see.

Anybody have any suggestions for a new MP3 Player or phone that can do all of the above?