U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits

Over the last few year, the figures the government has been releasing on the budget deficits has been far underreported. What they did was took out the interest that the massive Social Security and Medicare trust funds earned on money kept in bonds… for instance if the deficit was going to be $400 billion they subtracted out the $200 billion in interest payments.… read more “U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits”

Annoying Wrist

I am not sure exactly what is wrong with my wrist but it has been bothering me for about a week. I think it is a combination of a sprain and an keyboard/mouse overuse injury. Yeah, pretty gay I know, but when you spend most of your time working with computers and don’t have ergonomic equiptment, ligaments and tendons get hurt.

Tit Bit Nipply

I just got home to my apartment and remembered that before I had left, I’d opened my sliding door to let my place get some fresh air. It was much warmer on Thursday afternoon than it is now and I am freezing.

Thanksgiving was quite pleasant; I played scrabble with my grandma, wrestled around with my three little brothers (only knocking one lamp over) and gorged myself on turkey and stuffing and other goodies.… read more “Tit Bit Nipply”

Excellent Sushi

Ian and I had some excellent sushi tonight. We went to Omi’s sushi restaurant in Pioneer Square and had 6 sushi rolls that only cost $3 apiece and 2 monster 45 oz hard drinks. Very good.

After we finished our sushi, we went to his buddies’ house and hung out for a few minutes and then headed over to a really cool Capitol Hill bar called the Hideout.… read more “Excellent Sushi”

My IPod Mini Died and Apple Won’t Give Me A New One…

Who cares if it is several years past the expiration of the warranty? Dammit, I want a new one!

Perhaps I will get an iPhone now. Camera, Ipod, Phone and PDA all wrapped into one… yum. The data package is ridiculously expensive, but perhaps they will let me just get the phone on my current package.… read more “My IPod Mini Died and Apple Won’t Give Me A New One…”