My IPod Mini Died and Apple Won’t Give Me A New One…

Who cares if it is several years past the expiration of the warranty? Dammit, I want a new one!

Perhaps I will get an iPhone now. Camera, Ipod, Phone and PDA all wrapped into one… yum. The data package is ridiculously expensive, but perhaps they will let me just get the phone on my current package. We’ll see.

Anybody have any suggestions for a new MP3 Player or phone that can do all of the above?

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Joel Gross

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2 thoughts on “My IPod Mini Died and Apple Won’t Give Me A New One…”

  1. They have a new series of iPod coming out that has a lot of the same functional features of the other ones. I’ve heard a lot of negative blog commentary on the iPhone. Battery issues and activation stuff. May be worth it to wait.

    I love my new Blackberry Pearl.

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