2013 Year in Review

The final day of 2013 has arrived and it is time again for me to reflect on how 2013 went.

Coalition Technologies:

  • Wins:
    • The company has nearly doubled in size this year over last year
    • We have the best team we have ever put together now
    • We had multiple big wins for our clients
  • Losses:
    • Employee turnover was way too high, Justin is production manager now to assist with improving this problem.
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Thank You Google!

My stock portfolio had a nice win yesterday thanks to Google’s increase in stock price of 12% yesterday after their earnings call. I am going to hold onto it as I think Google has some awesome product announcements coming up, including:

  • Self driving car technology being licensed to auto manufacturers
  • Wearable tech devices being taken to market (Google Glass, watch)

And of course they have several highly successful business units including:

  • Search
  • AdWords
  • Apps

New Years Eve 2008: ACT Theatre

Tomorrow, Joel and his hordes of minions descend upon the ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle to celebrate all of the joys of 2008 and cheer the coming of 2009.‚  Jarek, Nick, Plato, Bryan, Kenny and many other friends will join me in ringing in the New Year with unlimited drinks, food and beautiful ladies. Adventures will be had, stories will be made and Seattle will be rocked.… read more “New Years Eve 2008: ACT Theatre”

Tenderloin, Swiss Potato Casserole and Herb Roasted Carrots & Onions

I cooked up a huge tenderloin for our monday night dinner last night.‚  On the side I served swiss potato casserole (which rocked) and herb roasted carrots and onions.‚  Everyone in attendance loved it (Ian, Di, Ben, Plato, NIck).‚  Very good times, but now I have a ton of cleaning to do.‚  At least I have some leftover swiss cheese potato casserole!

Bike Ride to Golden Gardens

I rode my bike today to Golden Gardens after work and back. I did the trip on a bit of a whim- I was supposed to hang out with a friend, but she was lame and cancelled. So I did something way better… cruised to Golden Gardens and back. I actually haven’t done any cardio in a very long time, so I was pretty sore by the end.… read more “Bike Ride to Golden Gardens”

Vacation Update

  • Amber was graced by the presence of the Crew and Trent threw the most ridiculous lines heard in history like spears at poor melons.
  • 4 lbs of oysters per person were eaten on the 4th of July.
  • Beer was imbibed under the bridge, bicycles from a homeless man was ridden and the Sea Sound Lounge was conquered.
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L.A. Baby. Then Vegas!

I just booked myself a flight to Los Angeles for Friday, April 18th to visit Trent and have some fun. We are going to drive to Vegas in his new car on that the following Thursday or Friday and party like rock stars till I fly home on Sunday, April 27th. Hell yes. Now I just have to find a hotel to stay at in Las Vegas.

Friday Night Adventure

Last night I was feeling a little bit cooped up from the winter, so I decided to go on an adventure with Plato.

Turned out to be a fine adventure indeed, featuring the world’s largest mixed drink, a tasty dinner, dodgeball at Cal Anderson Park, various Capitol Hill bars and a hipster fight.

Plato and I started out by having a nice big dinner featuring gorgonzola and mandarin salad, honey pepper chicken thighs and two bottles of the finest wines from my collection.

Fletch is a joke

Plato is a tad sarcastic. But look at how good that food is! Yum, my cooking skills are improving.

mandarin orange salad


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