Friday Night Adventure

Last night I was feeling a little bit cooped up from the winter, so I decided to go on an adventure with Plato.

Turned out to be a fine adventure indeed, featuring the world’s largest mixed drink, a tasty dinner, dodgeball at Cal Anderson Park, various Capitol Hill bars and a hipster fight.

Plato and I started out by having a nice big dinner featuring gorgonzola and mandarin salad, honey pepper chicken thighs and two bottles of the finest wines from my collection.

Fletch is a joke

Plato is a tad sarcastic. But look at how good that food is! Yum, my cooking skills are improving.

mandarin orange salad


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rose wine

The wine above was way too sweet. Gross.

joel needs to clean

My apartment is desperately in need of a deep cleaning. I’ll probably do that today.

My face is still hugely swollen on the right from my root canal, but it fortunately doesn’t hurt. I just look a little goofy.

world's largest grape & vodka cocktail

For our trip, I mixed up the world’s largest grape & Smirnoff vodka well drink. Put in a liter and a half of grape juice and half of a half gallon of vodka and you’re good to go. Plato and I brought this on our walk over to Capitol Hill to play dodgeball. From my apartment, it’s probably about a mile and a half to Cal Anderson park and Plato and I took a very meandering route.


The king and I await our coach (elevator).

I tried to take an artsy delayed capture photo, but I had no tripod and my hands wobbled lol.

Plato observes the poor.

Dodgeball at Cal Anderson Park. Apparently dodgeball happens there every Tuesday and Friday. Around 50-70 people showed up and it was tons of fun.

Plato made a friend… and her angry jealous boyfriend was 3 feet behind her lol. The guy walked outside in a huff and she wanted to keep talking to us, but Plato and I had much better things to do.

At Lindas, there is always this little tiny old asian man who plays pool every Friday night and is very talented. I managed to beat him soundly and Plato and I ended up running the table for around an hour. Later, we went and got beef tongue tacos, mozzarella sticks, chicken and a pitcher. My kind of night.

End of the night; Plato walked back to his studio in the University District and I walked back to mine in Pioneer Square.

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