Downtown Art Walk on Thursday

On Thursday, I went out on the art walk and remembered to bring my camera. I have some interesting photos of art work that I found to be better than the typical mediocre 1st Thursday Art Walk fare. Check it out below.

art walk work- drugs

I found this painting to be entertaining. I can’t remember most of the artists names who’s did the work… next time I go I’m going to bring a notebook so I can take down names.

Welded together ping pong rackets

I kind of liked the welded together ping pong rackets… they sort of look to be in motion still don’t they?

cool american flag art

The American flag above is actually a sculpture. Look closely and you can see a lot of “American” items hidden in it.

Please click more to see about a dozen more interesting photos from the art walk.

Black people art by Annie T.

Another interesting piece by Annie T.

Kevin Titzer mission statement

Above is the statement about one of the artists that I saw on the art walk- Kevin Titzer: “Kevin Titzer creates sculpture using wood, metal and other debris found near his home by the Ohio River. A native of Evansville, Indiana, the 34 year old has been making art for most of his life. Kevin’s subjects are playful, yet carry a darker edge and suggest that much more lies beneath the surface.” If you want to read the rest of Kevin Titzer’s mission statement thingie, be my guest.

Kevin Titzers wooden cheese man

I believe that the cheese man above with the knife is one of Kevin Titzer’s pieces.

Jesus hanging on wall paper

I liked this image of Jesus being crucified on wallpaper.

Cake King by Kevin Titzer

The Cake Man Cometh haha

Gory wilderness scene

Gory wilderness painting.

Complex universe painting

Complex universe painting.

Painting by Mary Beneveti

Above is a landscape painting by one of my favorite artists on the art walk- Mary Beneveti.

light bulbs making a cross

Welcome to late night Christianity.

don't look too close..

Don’t look too close at this one…

I liked the look of this woman.

computer chip lamp

The computer chip lamp.

real reason for first thursday art walk

The original reason Jeremy was able to convince me to come on the art walk two years ago- free refreshments. My face is still swollen from my root canal too.


I spotted this guy and found his look amusing, so I had him come over and let me take a picture. Like his pose? There are tons of fascinating people you meet on the art walk and many of them aren’t even the artists. I strongly recommend that anyone who hasn’t already tried it, go on the first Thursday art walk as soon as you can.

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