Excellent Sushi

Ian and I had some excellent sushi tonight. We went to Omi’s sushi restaurant in Pioneer Square and had 6 sushi rolls that only cost $3 apiece and 2 monster 45 oz hard drinks. Very good.

After we finished our sushi, we went to his buddies’ house and hung out for a few minutes and then headed over to a really cool Capitol Hill bar called the Hideout. It was a very quiet bar from the outside with only a little neon “cocktails” sign hanging out front. Inside, it was trendy and full of young hipsters having some drinks. Ian and I sat down and had a couple shots of Jager followed by 3 beers. Later we headed back to Ian’s place for some of the greatest mac and cheese I had ever imagined with a touch of white truffle oil. Yum.

Ian is one of the best chefs in the world and cooks for some of the most prestigious people in the northwest. So incredibly good. The same man who creates fine dining experiences for the most wealthy and powerful people on Earth cooks me some incredibly tasty meals. I am a very lucky man. Ian and I also decided that he, Fletch and I are going to have dinner’s every monday night from now on (when convenient). Life has just taken a very significant turn for the better.

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