I have decided that I am going to be much more efficient in my use of my time. In gmail spreadsheets, I set up a document with 4 sections: VT, work, personal and physical. Under each category I listed out my to do list and goals. I am eventually going to break it out into immediate to do stuff, short term goals and long term goals.… read more “Goals”

Fantasy Football Sketchiness

I am playing in a fantasy football league with a bunch of friends from high school. Our commissioner, Bryan Terhune, has never been one much opposed to cheating. We had multiple classes together in junior high and we would work together on algebra 1 tests. When the teacher suspected us and put us on opposite sides of the classroom, we would hold up signs with the answers to each other.… read more “Fantasy Football Sketchiness”


My knees! Oh, my achy knees! I feel like a cripple!

Actually, it’s not that bad. The outside little muscles on the side of my knee are pretty sore, but it’s not too much of an issue. I just had to do a waddle when I walked in to work.

Seattle Jog

I stayed late at work tonight because I was bored and couldn’t think of anything to do when I got home. At 6 pm, I got back to my place and decided I would go for a little jog around the area. I walked out my door and headed up the street and crossed the bridge over I-5 and meandered my way up Broadway (though I spent a lot of time on side streets around it) and eventually jogged back down towards I-5 and looked at some incredibly gorgeous homes.… read more “Seattle Jog”

Grandma Visit

During my lunch today at work I went and visited my grandmother at Swedish Hospital, which is about half a mile away from my company. She just had a little bit of cancerous tissue taken out of her throat. Bestemor had gotten in that morning and had the procedure done and is doing very well. Her doctor wants to keep her overnight though for monitoring because last time she had this surgery she almost died from bleeding when she went home.… read more “Grandma Visit”