Coalition BBall Team

The CT Bball team played a very ugly game last night and got beat.  So many missed shots and the refs were calling the game against us too. Painful.  We still almost came back and tied it at the end, but just couldn’t pull it together enough. Practice this week at lunches!

CT Basketball Team

Our basketball team went out and won in dominating fashion last night! We are now 2-2.  Here was my email to the team afterwards:

Great work last night guys!  We started out with awesome defense – lots of boxing out & rebounds. I don’t think they had a second shot for most of the game.  They probably scored half of their 20 points on foul shots!read more “CT Basketball Team”

Coalition Technologies Basketball Team

A bunch of guys at our company decided to play on a basketball team for the winter season here.  We have 7 team members: Kenny, myself, Michael, Justin, Hugo, Michael M., and Zack.  Our first game yesterday was against a good team made up of veteran LA ballers versus us – the computer geeks.  We didn’t fair so well and got beat 35-60.  … read more “Coalition Technologies Basketball Team”

I Hate The University of Notre Dame Football

The University of Notre Dame football program has been massively overrated for years. They play weak sauce football teams mostly and get beat up on every time they play a legit team.  Alabama dominated the national championship game and it was over from half time on with a score at that point of 28-0.  I never want to see Notre Dame in a BCS game again.

Sports is Like a War Without the Killing

Ted Turner has a famous quote: “Sports is Like a War Without the Killing”.

Is it true?

Ben Roethlisberger, Kobe Bryant, and Mike Tyson, all among the greatest in their respective sports, show that is definitely not true of rape.

Ray Lewis and OJ Simpson are just the most famous NFL players accused of murder.

Most athletes are able to buy their way out of criminal charges by paying off the defendants or their families in sealed deals.  … read more “Sports is Like a War Without the Killing”

Dead Man Basketball

I played 13 straight games down at the Venice courts today. 3.5 hours of basketball. 162 points scored. My team won the first 12 and lost the final one when Aaron and another couple of good players stepped on and beat our exhausted threesome.

Brett Favre: Lord of Football

Brett Favre is the most famous football player to ever play the game.  He holds almost every record an NFL quarterback can achieve:

  • Most consecutive starts… Brett Favre  has never missed a game for any reason since he started
  • Most wins as starting quarterback
  • Most pass completions
  • Most past attempts
  • Most interceptions
  • Most hairs on his chest
  • Most retirements & comebacks
  • Largest testicles (at 5 lbs apiece)
  • 1st QB in NFL history to beat every one of the 32 teams

Better known facts about Brett Favre:

The following story is completely true:  While in college, Brett Favre flipped his car three times and was severely injured. … read more “Brett Favre: Lord of Football”

Cascade Christian Football in WA State Championship Game!

My high school football team, the Cascade Christian Cougars, are in the state championship game.–1a.htm

The game will be played at 1 pm at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, December 5th.

The team’s head coach is now Randy Davis, who was the offensive coordinator my senior year.  I think we were 6-6 including a playoff loss that season, but I’m not sure since its been awhile.… read more “Cascade Christian Football in WA State Championship Game!”

Huskies Rock USC

In the biggest win the University of Washington Huskies have had since I started following them, the football team knocked off the #3 team in the country USC.  Great game and high hopes for new coach Steve Sarkisian & defensive coordinator Nick Holt!

Personal Trainer

Today I worked out with a personal trainer for the first time. I thought it would be weird or creepy, but I actually had fun. I just signed up for the Bally’s in Bellevue and they give you a free session with a personal trainer. My guy was named Jared. He had me do a few tests and then went through a workout, showing me a bunch of good core exercises as well as a power lift I hadn’t tried before.… read more “Personal Trainer”