Coalition BBall Team

The CT Bball team played a very ugly game last night and got beat.  So many missed shots and the refs were calling the game against us too. Painful.  We still almost came back and tied it at the end, but just couldn’t pull it together enough. Practice this week at lunches!

CT Basketball Team

Our basketball team went out and won in dominating fashion last night! We are now 2-2.  Here was my email to the team afterwards:

Great work last night guys!  We started out with awesome defense – lots of boxing out & rebounds. I don’t think they had a second shot for most of the game.  They probably scored half of their 20 points on foul shots!

Zack – nice shooting! I think you had 14 points right? Awesome
Michael M. – Great defense & rebounds.. very nice switching defenders then boxing out on the shots
Hugo – the fast breaks were helpful and stretched their D out
Kenny & stewie – beastly point guard brothers!
I think if we keep up our great work on defense we will be tough to beat! Boxing out and then grabbing rebounds on both ends of the floor really is a key strategy in this league since most teams seem to only shoot 30% or so from the field.

Coalition Technologies Basketball Team

A bunch of guys at our company decided to play on a basketball team for the winter season here.  We have 7 team members: Kenny, myself, Michael, Justin, Hugo, Michael M., and Zack.  Our first game yesterday was against a good team made up of veteran LA ballers versus us – the computer geeks.  We didn’t fair so well and got beat 35-60.  However, we are going to practice and get better and gel as a team as the season goes on.  Our best player right now is Michael E. – he drained 5 3 pointers and scored another 3 or 4 2’s.  The rest of us haven’t played in forever so we were all really rusty.  Looking forward to our next game on Monday!

I Hate The University of Notre Dame Football

The University of Notre Dame football program has been massively overrated for years. They play weak sauce football teams mostly and get beat up on every time they play a legit team.  Alabama dominated the national championship game and it was over from half time on with a score at that point of 28-0.  I never want to see Notre Dame in a BCS game again.

Sports is Like a War Without the Killing

Ted Turner has a famous quote: “Sports is Like a War Without the Killing”.

Is it true?

Ben Roethlisberger, Kobe Bryant, and Mike Tyson, all among the greatest in their respective sports, show that is definitely not true of rape.

Ray Lewis and OJ Simpson are just the most famous NFL players accused of murder.

Most athletes are able to buy their way out of criminal charges by paying off the defendants or their families in sealed deals.  OJ was the only one dumb enough to get caught.

I don’t think it is really true that “Sports is Like a War Without the Killing”… it’s just the killing doesn’t happen on the field or court, it happens in the bar or nightclub afterwards.

The Benedict-Crosset Study of sexual assaults at thirty major Division I universities reported that athletes commit one in three college sexual assaults. The three-year study concluded that while male student-athletes comprise 3.3% of the college population, they represent 19% of sexual assault perpetrators and 35% of domestic violence perpetrators.

National statistics show that college athletes are only convicted in 38% of the cases they are charged with, compared to an 80% non-athlete conviction rate.  Thank you boosters!

Dead Man Basketball

I played 13 straight games down at the Venice courts today. 3.5 hours of basketball. 162 points scored. My team won the first 12 and lost the final one when Aaron and another couple of good players stepped on and beat our exhausted threesome.

Brett Favre: Lord of Football

Brett Favre is the most famous football player to ever play the game.  He holds almost every record an NFL quarterback can achieve:

  • Most consecutive starts… Brett Favre  has never missed a game for any reason since he started
  • Most wins as starting quarterback
  • Most pass completions
  • Most past attempts
  • Most interceptions
  • Most hairs on his chest
  • Most retirements & comebacks
  • Largest testicles (at 5 lbs apiece)
  • 1st QB in NFL history to beat every one of the 32 teams

Better known facts about Brett Favre:

The following story is completely true:  While in college, Brett Favre flipped his car three times and was severely injured.  Doctors removed 30 inches of his small intestine.  Six weeks later Brett Favre returned and led his little school (Southern Miss.) to a comeback victory against national powerhouse Alabama.  The coach of Alabama at the time, Gene Stallings said: “You can call it a miracle or a legend or whatever you want to. I just know that on that day, Brett Favre was larger than life.”

Brett Favre holds a teaching degree in special education so he can deal with the rest of humanity.

Brett Favre won 3 consecutive NFL MVP awards, the only person to ever have done so.

Brett Favre once got a concussion during a game and did not receive medical clearance to go back in the game, but did anyways.  He threw a 28 yard touchdown pass that he did not remember.

Brett Favre’s father died one day before a bigtime Monday Night Football game.  He threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns in the first half.

Favre is tied with Steve Young, Johnny Unitas and Len Dawson for leading the NFL in touchdown passes the most times (four).

Lesser known facts about Brett Favre:

Brett Favre never gets accidentally sacked or intercepted.. he merely feels bad for the other team and gives them a shot.

Brett Favre puts the “laughter” in “manslaughter”.

While in college at Southern Miss, Brett Favre put down “Violence” as every one of the answers on a math test.  Brett Favre got an A+ because he solves every one of his problems with violence.

Brett Favre secretly sleeps with every woman in the world once a month.  As a result, they bleed for a week.

Brett Favre once killed a referee during a football game for making a bad call.  Favre was in peewee football at the time.

Brett Favre counted to infinity.  Twice.

If you Brett Favre has sex with you, that does not make you gay.  It simply makes you an NFL defensive back.

If you misspell Brett Favre when searching for him on Google, the results don’t say “Did you mean “Brett Favre”?”… instead they say “Run while you still have the chance.”

Brett Favre knits wool socks in his free time.  By “knit” I mean “throws” and by “socks” I mean “touchdowns”.  Pansy.

Brett Favre runs Windows 7 on his etch-a-sketch.

Brett Favre’s arm is so powerful and accurate that he once killed two stones with one bird.

Brett Favre once went on the Wheel of Fortune.  The next 29 minutes and 30 seconds of the show was everyone standing awkwardly waiting for the wheel to stop.

MC Hammer learned the hard way that Brett Favre CAN touch this.

Champions are the breakfast of Brett Favre.

Brett Favre is not hung like a horse; horses are hung like Brett Favre.

Barack Obama once beat Brett Favre at Tic-Tac-Toe.  In retaliation, Brett Favre invented racism.

Brett Favre heard that his old friend Lance Armstrong had lost his testicles to cancer.  Brett Favre donated one of his testicles to Lance Armstrong who then proceeded to win the Tour De France seven times.

Most American males are okay with their wives fantasizing about Brett Favre during sex, since they are doing the same thing.

Brett Favre once visited the former Virgin Islands.  They are now known as “The Islands”.

Brett Favre was named to the “1990’s All-Decade Team”.  He’s about to be named to the “2000’s All-Decade Team” and is planning on being named to the “2010’s All-Decade Team”.

Cascade Christian Football in WA State Championship Game!

My high school football team, the Cascade Christian Cougars, are in the state championship game.–1a.htm

The game will be played at 1 pm at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, December 5th.

The team’s head coach is now Randy Davis, who was the offensive coordinator my senior year.  I think we were 6-6 including a playoff loss that season, but I’m not sure since its been awhile.

The Cascade Christian football team this year is undefeated (13-0) and will play undefeated Connell (13-0) for the state championship.

Last year’s Cascade Christian team lost in the state championship game and the year before that they lost in the semi-finals game.  I’m amazed at the great job Randy Davis has done with this team.

Huskies Rock USC

In the biggest win the University of Washington Huskies have had since I started following them, the football team knocked off the #3 team in the country USC.  Great game and high hopes for new coach Steve Sarkisian & defensive coordinator Nick Holt!

Personal Trainer

Today I worked out with a personal trainer for the first time. I thought it would be weird or creepy, but I actually had fun. I just signed up for the Bally’s in Bellevue and they give you a free session with a personal trainer. My guy was named Jared. He had me do a few tests and then went through a workout, showing me a bunch of good core exercises as well as a power lift I hadn’t tried before. I have a higher body fat percentage than I thought I did though- I am currently at 15.5% (215 lbs at 6’6”). That is in the “Fitness” category just bordering on “Athlete”. The chart is below:

My goal is to reach 8% bodyfat by August 1, 2009, though I will be happy with 10%.‚  Ultimately, I think I would like to be at 6% bodyfat… that will be hard to reach and maintain, but I can do it.