Flag football

I am about to go play flag football in a couple of hours. Our team has not done so well, we are 1-3 right now against some pretty good teams. The biggest problem we have is that our defense can’t stop anyone, though we also can’t move the ball too well on offense. I got my first chance at quarterback last week and scored two touchdowns on three drives, which is pretty good.… read more “Flag football”

Flag football creamage

My flag football team got smashed tonight 40-18. I was feeling really out of it and woke up with this sharp pain in my neck this morning so I can’t turn my head. Needless to say, I played very poorly. I got a couple of sacks and broke up some passes, but I also let their not super-fast QB get around the corner a couple of times and on one my whole team just gave up and he went 40 yards for an untouched touchdown.… read more “Flag football creamage”


Gametime! I’m going to get some snacks and watch it on my couch. So much better than sitting in stands where you can’t see anything. I may go meet Fletch and some other friends at a bar on Ravenna at halftime though.

Gundy’s Rage

I watched the end of a great football game last week between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State University, which OSU won by a hair at the end. But after the game was when the real fireworks started: Gundy, head coach of OSU, came to do his post-game press conference and instead of celebrating his win on national television, he absolutely tore the head off of a columnist who had wrote a negative article about Gundy’s former starting quarterback whom he had just benched the previous week.… read more “Gundy’s Rage”

Down with Notre Dame!

Consider the following factoids:

Michigan lost it’s first game to lowly Division 2 Appalachian State.

Michigan lost got killed in it’s second game by Oregon State (decent team).

Michigan murdered Notre Dame 38-0.

Notre Dame has yet to have scored an offensive touchdown this season.

USC has dominated both games it played, rolling up over 300 yards on the ground against #14 Nebraska.… read more “Down with Notre Dame!”

Idea for replacing BCS in college football

As everyone knows and agrees, the current system for finding a national champion in college football is terminally flawed. In 2004, undefeated Auburn got denied a chance to compete for the championship because currently the two teams that get to play for it are determined by a computer algorithm that weights strength of schedule, margin of wins and other factors.… read more “Idea for replacing BCS in college football”

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a stud among studs. He has won more NFL games than any other quarterback in history, as of Sunday (149) He has the longest streak in the NFL of never missing a game (258). Every game the Green Bay Packers have played between September 1992 and today he has started. In the rough world of the NFL, where every game typically one or two players go down with major injuries, this is incredible.… read more “Brett Favre”


The University of Washington has the hardest schedule of any college football team in the nation this year. UW won their first game against Syracuse in a dominant fashion led by elite freshman quarterback Jake Locker, but now they face the toughest stretch of games in their history:

-Today they play #22 Boise State at 12:30 (of last year’s Orange Bowl fame vs.… read more “Gametime!”

Appalachian State vs Michigan

What usually happens when a Division 2 team plays against a bigtime D-1 powerhouse? The D-2 team gets run over. As a matter of fact, a top 25 D-1 team has NEVER in history lost to a D-2 team. Typically, big schools schedule smaller ones for their first game of the season for a guaranteed win to get the fan base excited and to prep their guys in a glorified scrimmage.… read more “Appalachian State vs Michigan”