Gundy’s Rage

I watched the end of a great football game last week between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State University, which OSU won by a hair at the end. But after the game was when the real fireworks started: Gundy, head coach of OSU, came to do his post-game press conference and instead of celebrating his win on national television, he absolutely tore the head off of a columnist who had wrote a negative article about Gundy’s former starting quarterback whom he had just benched the previous week. Click on the link, it’s a pretty impressive rant.

A big controversy has erupted as media types everywhere have circled their wagons and attacked Gundy for his tirade against one of their own. However, every one of his current and former players supports him entirely and I think it was a great thing to do. The column was written by someone who had never played or coached football and repeatedly insulted the former quarterback’s heart and manhood. The coach asks his players to go out every week and put themselves at serious risk for him, the least he can do is stand up for them when they are attacked. I would’ve done the same thing in his place. Perhaps even more.

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2 thoughts on “Gundy’s Rage”

  1. Loved it. It would have been a great defense of the player if he didn’t sound so much like an emotional, incoherent mother trying to defend her special needs child.

    He should have just told the columnist that he was wrong, his assessment was based on inexperience and ignorance, and that his player was great.

  2. I completely agree with the coach. I admire him for standing up for one of his players and criticize the media on national TV…well done.
    Jenni Carlson is a fat, useless bitch who probably doesn’t even know what a treadmill looks like. She calls herself a “sportswriter:….you gotta be kicking me. People like this don’t deserve to live, sitting on their fat useless asses and criticizing D1 athletes.

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