The High Cost of Chin Repairs

My bill from the University of Washington Medical Center just came.

Stitches: $219
Numbing shot: $155.85
Tetanus shot: $15.50


3 hours of waiting in the emergency room:


What the fuck? That room cost $300 an hour?!!?! I am in the wrong business!

The total bill came to $1,044.35

My bicycle cost $100. Helmet $30. Special seat $30.

Perhaps I should have spent $25 and had my bicycle looked at when I first noticed a problem.

I’m a moron.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

3 thoughts on “The High Cost of Chin Repairs”

  1. Hey, genius, why didn’t you use your health insurance? Look at it this way, that was the cheapest plastic surgery you’ll ever have.

  2. I did use my health insurance, I just haven’t heard how much they will cover yet. I think the raw bill though is price gouging, plain and simple. An over-regulated healthcare industry has created a climate in which hospitals and doctors are taking advantage of patients.

  3. Man- all of your problems are indicative of greater societal issues. You are the keystone upon which our civilization is developed!

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