The University of Washington has the hardest schedule of any college football team in the nation this year. UW won their first game against Syracuse in a dominant fashion led by elite freshman quarterback Jake Locker, but now they face the toughest stretch of games in their history:

-Today they play #22 Boise State at 12:30 (of last year’s Orange Bowl fame vs. Oklahoma… Statue of Liberty play anyone?)

-On September 15th at 12:30, they play #12 Ohio State. The same Ohio State that was ranked #1 all of last year and played in the National Championship game.

-On September 23 they play #13 UCLA. UCLA has a very, very good team this year.

-On September 29th at 5pm, UW hosts #1 USC at home. Stanford’s head coach called this team the greatest in college history. When asked by reporters to clarify if he meant USC’s franchise or the Matt Leinart/Reggie Bush team, he said, “No. This team, the 2007 Trojans.” And he’s probably right. USC has 9 running backs… every single one of which was a Parade All-American in high school… any of them could start for any other school in the country. John David Booty looks like he is going to be the 3rd straight Heisman winner to come out of Trojan country, following NFL starters Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. USC’s defense returns all 11 starters, including the best linebacker trio in the game.

If UW can win just one of these games, we’ll be well on our way to a bowl game.

Win 2 and we’ll be in the top 25.

Win 3 and we’ll play in a BCS bowl game.

Win all 4 and we’ll be #1 in the country on our way to our first National Championship since 1991.

Win none and we’ll be exactly where we have been for the last four years of shitty Husky football.


Note to Fletcher: I realize none of this matters to you and your East Coast elitist leanings, but nothing is really important anyways. Why not watch entertainment consisting of giant men brutally savaging each other for a meaningless game?

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