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Our basketball team went out and won in dominating fashion last night! We are now 2-2.  Here was my email to the team afterwards:

Great work last night guys!  We started out with awesome defense – lots of boxing out & rebounds. I don’t think they had a second shot for most of the game.  They probably scored half of their 20 points on foul shots!

Zack – nice shooting! I think you had 14 points right? Awesome
Michael M. – Great defense & rebounds.. very nice switching defenders then boxing out on the shots
Hugo – the fast breaks were helpful and stretched their D out
Kenny & stewie – beastly point guard brothers!
I think if we keep up our great work on defense we will be tough to beat! Boxing out and then grabbing rebounds on both ends of the floor really is a key strategy in this league since most teams seem to only shoot 30% or so from the field.

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