3 Big Ideas to Improve the World

I wanted to share some of my big ideas to change the world:

  1. Allow everyone globally to compete in a fair free market system.  This fair free market system would apply to both politics and economics.  All elections in all countries would be held and monitored by a strict global agency that would be very transparent in all of it’s methods and security protocols to ensure the fairest election and each vote counts appropriately.  All economics would be on the same basis – government contracts would be required to go out to public bid and the decision on who to select would be made publicly.  All regulations would be checked by an international agency for fairness and to make sure that there was no special favor laws and regulations for certain groups.  This system would allow each individual across the world to compete fairly and freely.
  2. Open all borders by force if necessary. If people don’t have to stay in bad countries like North Korea or Iran, they could just freely move to whatever country they wished to live in. This would cause bad regimes to collapse because they simply would deflate from lack of population. It would also bring less expensive labor in to rich countries helping their economies as well.
  3. Build a global police force with teeth that can deal with major war criminals in Africa, as well as bad individuals in power in other countries.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “3 Big Ideas to Improve the World”

  1. Best idea of this year. If this actually happened our world would rapidly change. Within 15-20 years our there would be no muslim terrorists, no african dictators commiting genocides and no communism.

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