Best Flag Football Offense

What is the best flag football offense? The best flag football offense will vary depending on your players and their strengths/weaknesses. However, my experience through several seasons of analyzing flag football offenses has shown me that the best share several common characteristics:

  • Simplicity: Possibly the most important part of creating the‚ best flag football offense is keeping it simple enough that everyone on your team knows exactly what they are supposed to do.
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First Flag Football Game of the Season

Tonight was our first flag football game of the season.‚  I am still playing in the Underdog Sports League at Memorial Stadium with the Screamin’ Eagles.‚  The night was a chilly 45 degrees and the sun had just set as our game started at 7 pm.‚  The team we played against was pretty easy, but our quarterback is still not playing that well.‚ … read more “First Flag Football Game of the Season”

College Football National Champions: UTAH

The BCS National Championship for college football went to Florida (13-1), as did the AP sports writers poll.‚  However, the true national champion for college football this year is Utah (13-0).

Utah went undefeated, winning 13 straight games.‚  Utah beat 4 ranked teams.‚  Utah beat Michigan in the Big House.‚  Utah beat #12 TCU.‚  Utah beat #14 BYU.‚ … read more “College Football National Champions: UTAH”

Steve Sarkisian New University of Washington (UW) Football Coach

ESPN has reported that according to multiple sources, Steve Sarkisian (currently USC’s offensive coordinator) will soon be declared the University of Washington Huskies next head football coach.‚  Steve Sarkisian currently denies the reports, saying “I have interviewed with Washington.‚  They’ve interviewed a lot of people. I’m one of a number of candidates, which I’m honored to be.… read more “Steve Sarkisian New University of Washington (UW) Football Coach”

College Football Top 10 Rankings

Since my economic predictions have proved correct (including that the market would drop below 8,000 points), I have decided to try to prognostication in other fields.‚  First, you will see my absolute top 10 rankings of the best teams in college football.‚  After that is my prediction for what the final top 10 BCS standings will look like this year.… read more “College Football Top 10 Rankings”

UW Husky Football Coach Ty Willingham Fired

University of Washington Athletic Director Scott Woodward has said that Ty Willingham will step down at the end of the season and Willingham has confirmed that this was not his decision.‚  Tyrone Willingham has a 0-7 record this season and the Husky football team has not shown itself to be competitive in football games.

Who will the next UW Husky football coach be?‚ … read more “UW Husky Football Coach Ty Willingham Fired”

Flag Football Playoff Game Tonight

The first playoff game of the Fall season of Underdog Sports Flag Football League is tonight and the Screamin’ Eagles (my team) is playing SACKreligious. We played this team earlier in the season and lost to them, but we played like trash that game. Hopefully tonight at 7pm we do better.

I went online a while back and bought Easton football receiver gloves and played with them the last two games… I didn’t think they would make much difference, but I have been amazed at how good they are.… read more “Flag Football Playoff Game Tonight”