College Football Top 10 Rankings

Since my economic predictions have proved correct (including that the market would drop below 8,000 points), I have decided to try to prognostication in other fields.‚  First, you will see my absolute top 10 rankings of the best teams in college football.‚  After that is my prediction for what the final top 10 BCS standings will look like this year.

Top 10 Best Teams in College Football

1. Alabama- undefeated against a very tough schedule. Deserves #1 spot for now.

2. Florida- After a 1 point loss at Mississippi, these guys have been playing better than even Alabama.

3. USC- 3 shut out wins. 384 points for and only 83 points against.‚  A 1 TD loss.‚  Best players in the country.

4. Texas- Only loss came in the last couple seconds against the current #2 team in the country.‚  Good team.

5.‚  Oklahoma- Unstoppable offense and a decent defense with their only loss coming at Texas.

6.‚  Texas Tech- I know they beat Texas, but they have had a weak schedule and have only done OK.

7. Georgia- They got thumped by Florida & Alabama, but they could beat any other team under the 7th rank.

8. Utah-‚  Poor play and small wins against shoddy opponents put this undefeated team deep in the Top 10.

9. Oklahoma State- Only 2 losses come against the top 2 teams in the country at the time.

10. Penn State- They may be 9-1 but it’s against Big-10 teams.‚  Big-10 should be in the Division 2.

BCS Top 10 College Football Teams End of 2008 Season Predictions

1. Florida- Alabama will lose to Florida on Dec. 6th.

2. Oklahoma- Texas Tech will lose to Oklahoma in two days on November 22.

3. Texas- Mack Brown is going to be angry when he missed the national title game.

4. USC- USC might be better than Florida or Oklahoma, but the BCS standings won’t show it.

5. Alabama- late season loss will drop them to the 5th position.

6. Texas Tech- late season loss to Oklahoma will drop them down here.

7. Utah- I think they can beat BYU in the season finale.

8. Penn State- Paterno will beat Michigan State to end the regular season.

9. Ohio State- Garbage team (OSU) vs garbage team (Michigan) in the finale.

10. Boise State- Going undefeated versus easy opponents is not impressive.
Well now we just wait and see if I am as good at predicting college football as I am at predicting economic changes.‚  Anyone care to agree or disagree with my predictions?

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