Flag Football Playoff Game Tonight

The first playoff game of the Fall season of Underdog Sports Flag Football League is tonight and the Screamin’ Eagles (my team) is playing SACKreligious. We played this team earlier in the season and lost to them, but we played like trash that game. Hopefully tonight at 7pm we do better.

I went online a while back and bought Easton football receiver gloves and played with them the last two games… I didn’t think they would make much difference, but I have been amazed at how good they are. Before I got the gloves, I would drop the ball sometimes since our QB has a Brett Favre arm. Now though I am catching everything thrown my way… one handed diving catches, deep Hail Maries and bullets in double coverage. Very fun.

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One thought on “Flag Football Playoff Game Tonight”

  1. We lost.

    Sucks because we would have won if we had let our other QB play (He had a much better season, but the other guy is the traditional QB).

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