Business Levels

Entrepreneurship is like a long, hard video game. Startups are on level one (most people never pass this)- level one is doing the work yourself. You work long hard hours and do the best quality and quantity you can. Net worth is under a million dollars after many years of work.

Level two is working with a crew. Suddenly you can get 2-5x what you used to do alone. Most people who do make this level never leave it. Net worth can reach a million or two or three here.

Level three is getting multiple crews going, systematizing and standardizing. Building tons of training materials and checklists and making every step of the business efficient. Net worth reaches $10m plus here.

The key to moving up levels is learning as much as you can, being willing to experiment and change, getting rid of your ego and being humble and willing to improve your own self, and willing to work very hard for a very long time.

A secret most people never understand is that the harder you work, the easier life gets.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.