Business is Good

I am loving LA. Clients are pouring in like water into a submarine that just got hit by a torpedo. I am going to have to hire people so that I can keep up with the amount of work getting thrown my way. Scary because all I have is a home office at this point. Today, I’m going to meet up with an owner of a popular restaurant in Beverly Hill for lunch that I met yesterday to discuss doing some work for him.… read more “Business is Good”

Smoking During Pregnancy

What are the potential problems that arise from smoking during pregnancy?

  • Ectopic pregnancy: Fetus implants itself in the wrong spot, resulting in miscarriage
  • Smoking causes 115,000 miscarriages and 5,600 stillbirths each year
  • Increased risk of placental abruption: this condition is where the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus and the baby suffocates from lack of oxygen
  • Increased risk of premature babies
  • Increased risk of apnea and infant sudden death syndrome
  • Increased risk of genetic defects, like cleft lip and retardation
  • Increased vaginal bleeding
  • Smokers fetuses receive less oxygen and nutrients, resulting in smaller & sicker children

Scary stuff, eh?

Los Angeles!

Pushed through the night to LA. Made it in 22 hours (a couple of food/gas/nap breaks). I am really happy to be here; Jeremy and Is place is nice… And the location is 30 yards from Venice beach. I will upload a video tour soon. I need to sleep first though. 22 hours of driving tired me out.… read more “Los Angeles!”