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“They say Jesus was a carpenter? I’m not buying it. I see those crosses everywhere. I mean if Jesus wasn’t a marketer I don’t know what he was. “

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Joel Gross

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  1. I can understand that people and I say again people, will fail and miss the mark….but don’t crucify Jesus all over again….although it be with words. There are no unbelievers after death. It saddens me that people hate God so much..and about false preachers..don’t worry they will be judged for they’re crimes if they abuse Gods message.

  2. Thank you my Lord Christ that I’m one of your sheep. I dont have to be wise or
    anything that the wicked that are tresspassing on your planet expect me to be. I’d
    rather be known as one of your “stupid sheep” and audibly hear you than lowering
    myself to their standard of deathstyle. As one of your “dumb sheep” am thankful to
    your leading us to outrage and torment those that refuse to be in your herd. Obeying
    You is the best thing I’ve ever decided to do in 49 years. You are truly the Wisdom
    and Power from above. No one can takes us out of your pastures. Thank you my Lord
    Christ to be who you say you are and to do the things you said you would do if we
    obey you.

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