Jeff Dempsey – Content Thief or Creative SEO?

Jeff Dempsey is an SEO guy at NextStudent, but apparently does some moonlighting on the side. His website, the classily named, scraped full articles of my content and placed them on his website. I don’t think he actually bothered making a scraper just for my site, instead I think Jeff Dempsey has a scraper that takes recently stumbled content and puts it on his… read more “Jeff Dempsey – Content Thief or Creative SEO?” = Spam Site

I saw an article in the NYTimes on a website,, which is suing Google for supposedly discriminatory practices.‚  Google by its very nature must be discriminatory- it picks the best sites for a keyword query.‚  Anyways, the owner of Dan Savage, is trying to prevent the Google-Yahoo cooperation agreement because Google raised his minimum Adwords bids to far higher than they used to be.‚ … read more “ = Spam Site”

Avis “Look Back” Car Adultery Commercial

Interesting commercial using a humorous take on adultery to try to rent more cars. Basically, Avis points out that funny sad feeling that you get when you abandon an old car in favor of a new one. As you walk away, you feel a little bit of heartache at missing the companion of many adventures. Watch the poignant Avis commercial below:

Impressive bit of marketing if you ask me.… read more “Avis “Look Back” Car Adultery Commercial”

Marketing: Science or Scam?

When many people in the business world hear about their marketing department, they roll their eyes. Marketing has a reputation of being mostly fluff and very little results delivered. Sales people go and find new clients, production people deliver whatever the company makes, but no one really understands what in the world marketing people really do.… read more “Marketing: Science or Scam?”

Google Search Algorithm Formula Hypothesis

From lots of observation, research, reading and experimentation, I believe that I have distilled the very basic formula behind the way that Google displays it’s search results. Google has publicly stated that it’s search results have over one hundred different factors and I’m sure that they do, but what they don’t talk about as much is that only a few factors are of primary importance.… read more “Google Search Algorithm Formula Hypothesis”

Microsoft Attempting to Buy Yahoo

Microsoft has offered $44.6 billion dollars to buy Yahoo, or about $31 a share. $31 a share for Yahoo is 62% above Yahoo’s closing price of $19.18 yesterday and in today’s trading the stock price has jumped all the way up to $28 today upon news of the bid.

What does Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo mean for search engines?… read more “Microsoft Attempting to Buy Yahoo”

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your website rank high in the search engines for selected keywords. A keyword is anything that a user could type into a search engine. Why would you want to rank high for certain keywords in search engines? Money is the number one reason. If you have the #1 position for mortgage loans, you can make tens of millions of dollars a day.… read more “Search Engine Optimization Basics”