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I saw an article in the NYTimes on a website,, which is suing Google for supposedly discriminatory practices.‚  Google by its very nature must be discriminatory- it picks the best sites for a keyword query.‚  Anyways, the owner of Dan Savage, is trying to prevent the Google-Yahoo cooperation agreement because Google raised his minimum Adwords bids to far higher than they used to be.‚  Dan Savage is understandably angry because he is losing out on almost $100k in profit each month, but Google made the correct decision.‚ is a spam site that provides no additional benefits to users.

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  1. Francesca,

    Are you a fan of Dan Savage? Or are you his employee? I noticed your email address was from the Market Maker Interactive SEM agency, so I am going to assume the latter. As I mentioned in the post above, Dan Savage may be correct that the Google-Yahoo merger will be bad for business but the specific incident Savage is complaining about has no merit. is a spam site. It provides no benefit to users and whenever I get a site like that in the search results that I clickthrough to, I get angry. So it is perfectly understandable why Google refuses to show the site in its search results anymore.

    Also, I work in the SEM industry and I’m not sure what you and Dan are going for with the comment. If it is to gain PageRank or something silly from that link, you should know it is nofollowed. If you are attempting a low-end form of reputation management, you should really step up your game.

    Anyways, thanks for the comment. I would appreciate it if next time you responded directly to my post with a real comment instead of that pseudo-spammy promotional comment that has nothing to do with what I had written.

  2. “Google by its very nature must be discriminatory- it picks the best sites for a keyword query” lol – “best” by whos standards? Tey did break the untitrust law and will have to pay. And I like google…

  3. Jack,

    What the heck is “untitrust law”?! Do you mean anti-trust law? How did Google break anti-trust laws when they have not merged with any major competitors and they still have many hot rivals?

    Google has a right to use whatever standards it pleases in determining how to place a website in its rankings. Google’s entire business is ranking good websites above bad lol. If you don’t like their rankings, use another search engine.


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