Internet Reputation Management FAQs

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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the process of monitoring information and opinions on an entity (individual person, group of people, corporation, government, etc.) and providing tracking and reporting measurements that can accurately gauge the effect of other entities actions and opinions. Good internet reputation management also gives the affected entity tools and methods to respond and control the way information and opinions are disseminated throughout the internet environment.

What is the history of Reputation Management?

In the old days, before internet reputation management was created, reputation management was a difficult, tedious and costly affair. Marketing organizations would have to put out surveys, talk to many individual people and rely mostly on gut instincts rather than hard data. Online reputation management today is a completely different affair. The internet has massive amounts of data and almost action taken by internet users is recorded somewhere. If a smart organization employs the right internet reputation management agency, that organization can obtain extraordinarily granular levels of detail on what their customers, suppliers and employees are saying about them. An individual with a good online reputation management PR agency can do the same thing and seize control of the way their peers, the media and others view them.

How does search engine reputation management work?

Search engine reputation management works by using traditional search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on individuals names or corporate brands instead of products. Usually people who engage in search engine optimization are trying to sell something whether that be Coach purses, heavy concrete or real estate. In search engine reputation management, an SEO instead sets out to protect and defend a brand name by creating websites, social media profiles and other content in order to return the most positive results at the top of a search engine for a given keyphrase query.

Are internet reputation management strategies and tools available?

Yes, there are many internet reputation management tools available for public use. Google offers a basic keyword analysis tool that can help you find out what people are searching for on a given topic. Many smaller companies also offer a wide variety of internet reputation management tools (most of which are completely useless). If you would like to know which reputation management strategies and tools would be best for you and your organization, contact me.

Is there a market for online reputation management services?

Powerful demand has risen up recently for online reputation management services and a large number of small start-ups have been created to try to take control of the marketplace. Unfortunately, most of these new online reputation management services are in their infancy and are not effective. Too many people have focused too much on grabbing as many clients as quickly as they can and have not focused enough on developing the right techniques and tools for online reputation management services to be maximally efficient. I have been working hard to learn and study everything I can in this field and humbly submit myself as one of the best online reputation management gurus around. I may not be the best writer (as you can tell from my meandering FAQ’s), but I have spent WAY too much time researching and digging deep into this field over the last couple of years.

What is the difference between online public relations (PR) and internet reputation management?

Online public relations focuses more on customer assistance and service while internet reputation management focuses more on online corporate branding. Don’t get me wrong though: there is at least an 85% overlap between the two. Having the same people run both your online public relations campaign and controlling your internet reputation management strategies leads to great efficiencies that reduce overall costs.

International Reputation Management: Is it possible?

Without question, international reputation management is not only possible, it is absolutely mandatory for any globally minded company. International internet reputation management involves monitoring search engines, blogs, forums, etc. across multiple languages and nations. When performing international reputation management, great care must be taken that concepts and ideas do not get lost or twisted in translation and this can sometimes mean increased cost as sharp international public relations professionals must be brought onto the project. Do not skimp to save a little on your budget or you might end up like one of those silly English language translations of signs in Japan.

Is there hostile or negative online reputation management?

Unfortunately, yes. As more and more people have begun to realize the marketing power of the internet, some people have begun to abuse it. Various websites have recently come out with “flame” websites targeting public individuals and companies. Many people in business believe that some of these websites are launched and funded by their competitors.

What are some internet reputation management strategies?

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Who offers the best reputation management services?

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How does online reputation management work in p2p networks?

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What is the Eigentrust Algorithm for Reputation Management in p2p networks?

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