Jeff Dempsey – Content Thief or Creative SEO?

Jeff Dempsey is an SEO guy at NextStudent, but apparently does some moonlighting on the side. His website, the classily named, scraped full articles of my content and placed them on his website. I don’t think he actually bothered making a scraper just for my site, instead I think Jeff Dempsey has a scraper that takes recently stumbled content and puts it on his site. I sent Jeff Dempsey a DMCA takedown notice and he quickly redirected the pages of my content on his website to

So I do I think Jeff Dempsey should be drawn and quartered for his crimes against the internet? Nah. It’s actually pretty creative the way he’s set up his site, but I would doubt he gets much search engine traffic since he is violating some basic guidelines. My guess is Jeff Dempsey is going for either Digg or Stumbleupon traffic, since both of those sites aren’t very good at weeding out duplicate content. Jeff, if you see this article, please let me know why you are following this strategy- and if it works.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.