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When it comes to running a small business in today’s economy, you need all of the help you can get. Chances are you are working with limited resources, and you are competing in a fast, dynamic market with larger businesses. Online marketing is one of the most powerful, cost-efficient ways for both large and small businesses to increase traffic and market share. Let’s talk about Los Angeles small business online marketing and what you can do to improve your strategy.

asdfOnline Marketing: What is it and Why?

Online marketing has become ubiquitous to the point that we often do it without even thinking about it. In contrast to traditional methods of marketing – such as mail campaigns, radio spots, TV commercials, and physical ads – online marketing concerns anything to do with the Internet, which includes email marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click ads, social media marketing, and more.

To put it simply, online marketing is essential to any serious business today. A vast majority of individuals in developed nations use the Internet every day for their information needs. Google alone retrieves over a billion search results a day. If you are a Los Angeles business providing local services, you definitely want some of this traffic. Searches are increasingly placing heavier weight on local searches, and you’re competing in a highly populated region of commerce. Online marketing is just as important if you are shipping your products around the United States, or even internationally. You’re competing with thousands of other businesses for market share. Los Angeles small business online marketing can increase your traffic and conversions for lower costs and lower resources than traditional marketing. However, because of this, everyone else is engaging in online marketing too; you have to a strong marketing strategy.

Improve Your Strategy

There are many ways to improve your Los Angeles small business online marketing strategy. As you probably know, SEO is huge and there are many ways to improve your search rankings. Search algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to deliver better search experiences for users, and an entire industry has grown around understanding and optimizing for these algorithms. Keyword analysis, rich content generation, link building, website organization, and social media marketing are all ways to improve rankings.

Businesses are increasingly focusing on creating compelling, memorable experiences for their users to share with others on social media networks. Social media platforms themselves are increasingly becoming prime places to advertise and interact with customers.

Plenty of effort goes into researching and understanding target demographics and their online habits in order to improve website experiences and social media interaction. It is also important to understand that everything you do online reinforces everything else. The more effective your social media growth, the more customers you connect via email, and the more traffic and attention you get from other sites, the higher your search rankings, and vice versa.

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