Los Angeles Social Media Marketing Firm Promotes Social Media as an Effective Customer Service Tool

Typically when you think about customer service, the immediate avenues that come to mind are services like call centers, email fielding, and direct chat. These tried and true methods are still necessary for any serious business that wants to reliably address its customers’ needs, but there is another method gaining steam that we don’t talk about as often, and it is right under our noses: social media. How can social media help with customer service? Read on to find out.

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Our Los Angeles social media marketing firm Coalition Technologies is dedicated to helping businesses maximize the effectiveness of their social media tools. This process consists of figuring out the ways that social media can be used to increase traffic, interact with customers, and manage a company’s reputation. What we found in our experience is that social media based customer service can be incredibly effective by both satisfying customers’ needs on a familiar outlet and by reaching out to the customer personally, which helps ingratiate the customer to the company. Impressed and happy customers are of course much more likely to raise awareness of a company by word of mouth, which is going to be much more effective on a social media outlet. Plus, more and more customers are taking to social media outlets to reach their company of choice, so more companies are expanding their customer service operations on these outlets, which means more customers will expect these services in the future.

Giving Service a Personal Touch

There are some characteristics of social media customer service that can make it more effective than traditional services. Oftentimes individual reps can be reached by their Twitter handles, for example, which allows customers to connect with reps on a name to name basis. Customers that are experiencing a specific problem can maintain contact with a single representative that understands their problem and helps them with a solution. It can also be thrilling for customers to appeal directly to a company on Facebook and have someone from the company interact with them and address their concerns. People are on social media all the time now and are quite comfortable and familiar with these outlets. Relating with people on their favored social media platform is a great way to connect with them.


There are of course limitations to this approach. With the social media format, and the level of personalization social media entails, it takes lots of time and energy to address customers’ concerns on a social media platform. You won’t be able to reach all of them. Plus you have to do some research on your customer base and make sure you know how to relate to them, especially if you are a larger company. Nevertheless, if you are effectively using your social media tools, this type of customer service can do wonders for your company’s presence and your relationship with your customers. Our Los Angeles social media marketing firm makes sure our clients are using social media customer service as effectively as they can in their campaigns.

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