To be successful, how precise do you need to be?

When you are building a house, should all of the wood be cut to within an inch, 1/10 of an inch, 1/100th of an inch or even 1/1000th of an inch? At what point do you begin to make your project take longer than its worth by being to precise?

Many businesspeople I have worked with in the past have fallen on the side of being too precise about small things while missing the big picture.  They spend $100,000 optimizing their SQL database to be perfectly efficient, when it only costs $2,000 to buy a new server to make their code run just as quickly.

Are you focusing on precision to the detriment of your business goals?


Living with Trent is the first time I have had a roommate I am friends with and regularly do things with since I lived with Plato three or four years ago. It’s a lot like having a brother- you talk a lot and do a lot of fun stuff, but also get on each others nerves sometimes. Trent has been a very good roommate/4th brother so far.

Best benefits of living with him:

  1. Regular basketball/football partner
  2. Business ideas brainstorming
  3. Pretty good handyman
  4. Sharing some meals
  5. He’s pretty considerate

Worst parts:

  1. Lack of private space
  2. Small kitchen
  3. We annoy each other occasionally
  4. Haven’t spent as much time with others as i would have if I was alone

Want to Know How to Be Happier?

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you want to be happier?

Here’s how to be happier: If you need to do something, do it.


  • Hate your job and it makes you miserable every day? Quit.
  • Tired of being out of shape? Eat healthier and exercise.
  • Feel lonely? Go network with people.
  • Sick of doing X? Stop doing it.

You know how to be happier, you just lack motivation. Grab your guts and just do it.

Thanks Nike.

How to Hire Great People

Who wants to work with morons? What about even just average people?

Not me.

I have been thinking about hiring a full-time graphic & web developer lately, as I need someone to help me out. I don’t want a average schmuck working with me, I want a superstar with a great eye for design who is self motivated and can understand my goals.

My plan to find this person is to advertise everywhere and interview tons of people:

  • Craigslist posting
  • Ads on every major universities jobs site
  • List it on my website
  • Find recruiters