Living with Trent is the first time I have had a roommate I am friends with and regularly do things with since I lived with Plato three or four years ago. It’s a lot like having a brother- you talk a lot and do a lot of fun stuff, but also get on each others nerves sometimes. Trent has been a very good roommate/4th brother so far.

Best benefits of living with him:

  1. Regular basketball/football partner
  2. Business ideas brainstorming
  3. Pretty good handyman
  4. Sharing some meals
  5. He’s pretty considerate

Worst parts:

  1. Lack of private space
  2. Small kitchen
  3. We annoy each other occasionally
  4. Haven’t spent as much time with others as i would have if I was alone

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.