Why New Years Resolutions SUCK

Self-evaluate once a year?

Only come up with plans of action annually?

If you fail, wait till next year?

The concept of New Years resolutions sounds nice, but it is actually destructive to growing as a person. Here’s my advice for improving your life:

  • Constantly evaluate and re-evaluate yourself. What are you doing right? Wrong? Where can you improve? How can you be happier? How can you make others’ lives better?
  • Start to improve/fix things immediately. If you spot a problem with yourself (out of shape, smoker, lazy, boring), fix it immediately.  Putting it off to tomorrow means it will never happen.
  • Use metrics. Number of pullups.  Days gone without smoking.  Hours worked.

Forget New Years Resolutions, focus on improvement every single day.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.