Top 10 Things You Should Know about Reputation Management

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The Internet has dramatically changed the way we connect to each other and share our lives with each other. Though this is a remarkable cultural and technological development, there is a downside: as easy as it is to spread information we want to share with people, it is just as easy (or easier) for information we don’t want people to see to spread. This is exactly what Los Angeles reputation management services are for. Here are the 10 things you need to know about reputation management.

1. Why reputation management?

There is all sorts of information available on the Internet now, and much of this information can be hard for individuals to manage. In the past, we had much more control over what information we wanted transmitted through our social and professional networks, but now information about us that we might not even know exists online can be accessed by just about anyone looking for it.

Reputation has always been important, but on the Internet this importance is amplified. For individuals, reputation doesn’t just matter in social circles, it can determine whether one gets a job, qualifies for insurance or credit in certain circumstances, and much more. For businesses, reputation plays a significant part in attracting customers, as informed shoppers have a large store of information at their fingertips to pore through when choosing a product.
This is where Los Angeles reputation management services come in. With the help of a skilled reputation manager, you can carefully cultivate the store of information that is available online to show the public face that you want.

2. What does a reputation management professional do?

Reputation management professionals work with individuals, small businesses, large businesses, and other organizations to cultivate their clients’ online presence by emphasizing information that their clients want to be seen and by burying information that their clients don’t want to be seen.

3. Why not do it yourself?

There are various things you can do yourself, like work at establishing a positive social media presence, take care with what you choose to share online, and try to affect as positive a change on your society as possible. However, there are many factors that you simply can’t control. It takes technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge to know all of the possible sources of information, how your information is released, and how to either amplify or dampen any given piece of information. That is best left to a professional.

4. What is the most common misconception of reputation management?

Many people think they do an airtight job of managing their online reputation, and they are probably doing decent work really. However, you can’t control what other people do to you or what they say about you online. Someone might harbor a grudge against you or your company, and post all sorts of false, harmful things online. Also, most people don’t know how to actually leverage their online reputations for their benefit. That is what Los Angeles reputation management services are for.

5. How do online reputations affect people and businesses?

For businesses this is a little more obvious. With information available the way it is on the Internet, it is very easy to quickly search for information on a business’ reputation. There is a whole industry that has sprung up around this: think of all of the review networks such as those on Yelp, Google, and Amazon. Look at how fast a business’ reputation can change on social media. This type of information can have a dramatic effect on the customer’s decision.

For individuals it is a little more subtle. Today when you go searching for a job, or if you seek an investment, apply for a loan, get insurance, etc., your online profile is often researched. People want to see if you have a record – and not just a criminal one. People want to see your social presence, and the kinds of activities you are engaged in online, and see whether these things match up to what you initially claim. This can have a very real effect on your overall success.

6. How do reputation management professionals deal with negative information?

Most online information is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Law has not kept up with the rapid changes wrought by the Internet, and lawsuits are often unsuccessful. The key is to bury bad information with modern PR, marketing, and SEO techniques. This is where the professional expertise and technical knowledge comes in.

7. How do you emphasize the positive information?

Basically, a Los Angeles reputation management professional will sit down with you to understand the type of information you want to be most prominent in the online space, and also help you understand how to leverage that information to your benefit. That information will be put together and pushed to the top of the search results. Everyone relies on search engines for information, and most people won’t venture past the first couple of pages.

8. Is it better to simply react to a problem, or should you actively cultivate your profile?

Of course it is much better – and cheaper – to actively manage your profile so that more serious reputation emergencies don’t even come up. However, most people don’t go to a professional until they have a serious problem to solve, and you can never completely predict what will happen to your reputation with so many working factors.

9. How do you avoid being taken advantage of?

There are people out there that will put up negative information, or engage in defamation campaigns, and then charge to take the negative information down. As I said before, law has not kept up with this problem. When it does catch up, hopefully there will be legal means available to address these problems. Until then, you just have to pay to have it taken down, or pay a reputation management professional to take care of things.

man - los angeles reputation management.jpg10. How do you preserve your online reputation?

Be careful about what you share online. If you go on social media a lot, make sure you know your privacy settings and avoid oversharing. It does help to make contributions that are relevant to your professional life, things that will go towards your success. Set up alerts so you can keep an eye on things.

Hire a Professional

A Los Angeles reputation management professional can help you cultivate the online presence that you want the world to see. Coalition Technologies offers experts in reputation management that can teach you to leverage your online reputation, whether for personal or company success. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and get a free quote.

How To Manage Interns: Business Cheat Sheets

Before you’ve actually had interns working for you, managing them seems like it would be a piece of cake. Those of us who have had experience managing interns realize that getting productive work out of them without putting too much time into monitoring them while also helping them learn something is actually somewhat challenging.

The purpose of an intern is to give another person an opportunity to learn more about a field through practical experience. This person generally only comes in with very general knowledge and very general skill sets. The intern also is usually a temporary employee who works a few months and only a few hours a week.  To get productive work from team members you need to spend a fairly significant amount of time training them and that time pays off if they work full time and save you time doing the tasks you’ve handed off to them well.

The obstacles to managing an intern well:

  • Interns only have a very basic knowledge of your industry.
  • Interns only have a few limited months to spend at your company.
  • Interns usually only work a few hours a week.
  • Interns don’t care about your company as much as regular employees – you are a stepping stone.
  • Interns need to actually learn valuable skills.

Understanding these obstacles and assigning work that does not conflict with these obstacles is the key to successfully having interns.

The work you assign interns should meet these requirements:

  • No higher than basic level skills required. If a skill is required, it should take no more than an hour or two of training.
  • The work should not be “busy” work. Make sure it is something genuinely valuable to the business.
  • The work should bring the intern into contact with valuable knowledge about the industry

Using internships as recruiting tools:

Keep in mind the people you have as interns today may be employees tomorrow. You should carefully select interns who have the potential to become full time team members. Once on board, watch their work closely and people who have the work ethic and drive to become stars of your team should be recruited to be full time team members. You essentially turn an internship into a three month job interview!

Typical assignments that are good for an intern to do:

  • Backburner projects you have not been able to get to that are time consuming but not especially technical
  • Quality assurance work – reviewing other tasks/work to make sure they meet certain explicit guidelines
  • Writing copy for your website
  • Writing guest blog posts for other websites that link back to your site
  • Filing and organizing paperwork or digital files that need to be accessed in the future
  • Doing research into areas that you may not have had time to get to
  • Acting as personal assistants for employees (doing work tasks, not getting coffee)
  • Gathering client feedback

Keys to motivating an intern:

  • Treat the intern like an equal team member as much as possible
  • Share the big picture of what the company is doing, how it is doing it and how they contribute
  • Meet the intern weekly to assess his/her performance
  • Break big projects into small incremental tasks
  • Encourage your intern to ask questions

How To Get Free Labor – Business Cheat Sheets

In my time as CEO of Coalition, I have worked with dozens of business owners and have seen what makes a business owner successful and what makes others fail. The single biggest distinguishing factor I have observed is NOT intelligence or connections. Instead, the single biggest factor that determines the success or failure of a new business is the amount of work the business owner himself puts into the company.

The cheap labor I refer to in the title of this article is not overseas, nor is it interns. It is your own time. You might make a big salary working at a company right now, but if you want a successful business you must do everything yourself at first.

When you start your business, you need to go into it with the realization that in order to build a successful company and gain the ground that your competitors already have on you, you need to work twelve hours a day, six days a week for at least the first five years. I myself am not to the five year point and I put in these hours. It is completely necessary to do all tasks in the business yourself until you can afford to hire someone to help you. At that point, you continue to work 12 hours a day, you just delegate some of the tasks that you can’t get to yourself to the person you have hired to help.

Let’s say that you raised $1 million to start your business – you don’t still have to put in six days a week, 12 hours a day do you? Absolutely, yes. Here’s why:

You will never do a good job hiring or assessing someone’s performance if you cannot do their job yourself. The most affordable training in how to do a job is to do it yourself and read everything you can get your hands on. Avoid school – I went to a prestigious undergraduate business school and learned less in 4 years of formal education than I did in my first 3 months of starting Coalition.

For most businesses, you will need to learn the following basic skills by doing the work yourself and researching as much as you can:

  • Bookkeeping / Accounting / Finance
  • Legal
  • Recruiting / Hiring / Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations

You will want to set up each of these systems yourself and learn the basics in the process of doing so. Sure, you will never be a CPA, but having an understanding of accounting terms and practices will be very powerful for you later in the life of your business when other people are doing this for you.

You should do as much as you can each day and only have other people do work that you cannot get to. As your business grows, this means you will understand how EVERYTHING is done inside of it and you will do a much better job of managing and optimizing the entire thing.


How To Avoid Scams: Business Cheat Sheets

Download the PDF of the Avoiding Scams Cheat Sheet here.

Avoiding Business Scams

Business owners are constantly pitched on a wide variety of products and services. Unfortunately, many of these are scams and a business owner needs to be able to tell how to avoid scams to stay in business. You may have an excellent business model, lots of revenue and success, but if someone scams you that can set you back or possibly even cause you to go out of business.  It is very important in business to never let your guard down against potential scammers. A scam can come from anyone: a relative, a trusted friend, a salesperson, an employee, a client, or almost anywhere else. Anytime someone is wanting or taking an action or requesting money for something there is a chance they may be scamming you. Be conscious and aware of this and always think things through very critically. Do not be afraid to ask tough, rude questions to make sure that you are not going to get scammed.

Key Questions To Ask To Avoid Being Scammed:

  1. What is this person’s interest in me and my business?
  2. Are they asking for money or work done upfront?
  3. Is this a multi-level marketing scheme? MLM’s are almost ALWAYS scams. If a business says you can make $XXX by signing up your friends and family to buy our service and then they sign up their friends and family… yup you are being scammed.
  4. Is this salesperson trying to prey on your fears? Are they saying you need life insurance because you will die soon? Yup a scam.
  5. Do I know this person or company? Can I research them online or talk to other people to verify their claims?
  6. Is this person claiming to do something in best interest but I don’t really know why they would?

Common Scams To Watch Out For:

  • Tech support scam – if “tech support” for a company calls you, force them to verify themselves.
  • Money transfer scams – people want you to send them payment for an item upfront online. Wiring money is like giving cash, once its gone you can’t retrieve it. Never pay for an item online unless you can verify the seller.
  • Online penny auction scams – hey you can buy a $1,000 television for $20? Awesome! But wait… why would they give away a television? Sadly there is no free lunch and they are scamming you with their auction structure. Avoid.
  • Email spam – unsolicited emails selling products from unknown vendors.
  • Text message spam – same as email spam
  • Identity theft scam – carefully monitor you and your business’s credit reports for signs of fraudulent activity.
  • Work from home scams – people promising you to make big bucks for just sitting at your computer and clicking? Once again, ask what’s in it for them. Turns out generally you are the one getting scammed.
  • Pay in advance credit offer scams – legitimate banks will never ask you to pay in advance to get a line of credit.
  • “Low Risk” investment scams – got an email promising you an amazing investment in a secret new green technology? Probably a scam.
  • Nigerian email scams – someone promising you lots of money to help them move or transfer funds? They just want you bank account number so they can empty out your pockets.
  • Debt relief scams – hear all those ads on the radio for debt relief? Have you ever asked yourself why a company would pay good money for radio time to get you out of debt for free? Unfortunately, these companies are mostly just going to take your money and not actually do anything to relieve your debt.

Beating The Grind: Business Cheat Sheets

The day is only just beginning but you find yourself staying at your computer in a funk of despair. Sitting down and doing a full day of work seems impossible. You can’t get any tasks started, you find the people around you annoying, you feel tired and beat down. You just want to go home and cry.

This is the bottom of The Grind. The Grind is the day to day necessary work to run the business. You have to show up and work no matter how you feel: Some days you feel like you are on a roll and conquering foes left and right, other days you feel hopeless and stuck.

How can you beat the grind? How can you get through the down times? How do you stay steady day after day?

Understanding What Causes The Grind:

Half the battle of beating the doldrums of The Grind is understanding what it is and how it comes about.

A part of being human is having your emotions sometimes high and sometimes low. There is a natural process and cycle that happens that is divorced from reality. You need to expect and understand that your emotions are fickle and will change over time. There are also many factors in reality that can cause you to feel on a high or down in a low.

Potential Highs:

  • Your team completes a project successfully
  • You close a new deal
  • Goals are met
  • People treat you well

Potential Lows:

  • A client quits
  • An employee quits
  • Goals are missed
  • You have to deal with collections
Understanding that both positive and negative events will happen in business (and often pile on top of one another), is a big key in getting through these times. When it seems like the entire world is against you (and sometimes it will be!), step back and keep in mind the big picture. You have been through times like these before and you will go through them again. You will have highs and lows till the day you die, it’s just a part of being human. Embrace it and understand it, and let go of feelings that arise from the stuff in between.

How to Beat the Day to Day Grind:

Secret cheats of experienced business owners to getting through the grind:

  1. Break down the big problems into a series of tiny steps. Your biggest client just stopped working with you? Don’t despair; instead figure out the individual steps you will need to take to replace that client. Think it through step by step from additional marketing efforts to new sales techniques you can implement.
  2. Take a break. Go outside and go for a walk. Take a nap. Go to the gym (even in the middle of the workday!) You have to break out the funk and many times changing your physical surroundings will help with that.
  3. Get enough sleep! If you aren’t sleeping enough, you will have low emotional energy reserves and small problems will loom up huge and huge problems will suffocate you. If you approach each day fresh, you will have less difficulty getting through the day.
  4. Look at the problems facing you objectively. Generally an issue that seems overwhelming at the moment really isn’t when you think about the big picture. Has an employee just quit to travel the world? Just think back to when there was only you and one other person working in your company and that person quit! You got through that problem right? You will get through this one too.
  5. Maintain healthy relationships outside of work. For an entrepreneur, it is all to easy to let go of friendships and family when you are charging forward to make your business successful. Young businesses require 100% of your effort so it is extremely hard to find anything to spare for outside relationships. However, these outside relationships are the key to helping keep you stable through the highs and lows and letting you know there is a world outside of your business.
  6. Avoid alcohol and other substances. Alcohol may help you let go of your problems for a couple of hours, but they will be back and they will be worse the next day when you are hung over. Don’t use alcohol or other substances to try to “medicate” away your issues. Find healthy stress outlets instead; hobbies, exercise, relationships.
  7. Eat healthy food. What you put into your body eventually determines who you are. If you fill up on over-processed, unhealthy food, you will become an unhealthy person. Even when you are stressed out and under deadlines make sure to take the time to eat healthy or eventually you will lose capacity for dealing with problems.
  8. Practice gratitude. One of the things I do each day is write down something I am grateful for. This is just a couple of lines, but it really helps me to understand what a great life I have and puts things in perspective.
  9. Forgive and release grudges.  In running my business I have had to deal with many people who behaved in ways that were flat out evil. Early on, I got myself so worked up that I would be angry for a week afterwards. That never helped and my productivity would go way down because of it. It is a smart business decision to release the bitterness and hate you may have towards someone who cheated you or treated you wrongly and move on to bigger and better things.
  10. Work out. I strongly recommend that every entrepreneur work out at least 5 days a week. Why? Stress builds up at rates and levels that are very unhealthy for most business owners. In order to release all of this stress, you need to do hard physical exercise to get it burned off.  Low on money? Simply go for a walk or run outside every day. Short on time? Use the  New York Times 7 Minute Workout.

Operant Conditioning For Employees: Business Cheat Sheets

Download the cheat sheet PDF for operant conditioning here.

Business Operant Conditioning

An employee who started with a good attitude working at Coalition had his performance degrade over time. As his work performance became worse and worse, I came down on him harder and harder. I spent at least twenty minutes a day in special meetings with him trying to tell him what he was doing wrong and what he should be doing instead. All of my efforts were to no avail, eventually he just stopped showing up for work period. What happened in this situation?

The key to understanding employee behavior and work ethic is to start by understanding the fundamental laws of operant conditioning. Operant conditioning describes the processes by which any organism (ranging from a chicken to a dog to an employee in your organization to yourself) learns new behaviors.

Operant conditioning is defined as learning in which an individual’s behavior is modified by it’s consequences, either strengthening or weakening that behavior. For example if you touch your hand to a hot stove, suffering a burn that will provide a strong negative reinforcement.

How does operant conditioning change human (your employees) behavior?

  1.  State the goal. What behavior do you specifically want to encourage? At Coalition we define goals in terms of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). A KPI needs to be specific, measurable, and easily understood. Don’t assign more than 2-3 KPI’s per employee and make sure you let each employee know how important each KPI is to you.
  2. Monitor the behavior. Track KPIs in a way that is easily understood and accessible to the employee. Make sure it is logged.
  3. Provide positive reinforcement immediately following the person performing the desired behavior. It is extremely important to give employees positive reinforcement at least daily for their desired behavior. Desired behavior would be any work that helps them with their KPI. Managers are responsible for identifying this desired behavior and reinforcing it by smiling and telling the employee thank you and complimenting them for their good work.
  4. Provide feedback when the employee performs incorrect behaviors, but be cautious here. Make sure feedback is delivered in a constructive, correcting manner. Also be certain that you deliver at least a 6:1 ratio of positive feedback to negative feedback.

Positive Reinforcers for Employees

  • SMILE at them 🙂
  • Say “Thank you”
  • Say “Nice work”, “Good job”, “Well done”, etc
  • Tell them “I will let upper management know what a great job you did on X project”.
  • Record what they did in a tracking sheet or their 1 on 1 meeting notes or even a chart on the wall with stars
  • Email them personally and thank them specifically for what they did
  • Email their team and let the team know waht the person accomplished
  • Provide “points” or “badges” of some kind
  • Give the employee a small thank you perk such as a starbucks card or a voucher for a movie ticket or by taking them to breakfast or lunch.



How To Write A Business Contract – Business Cheat Sheets

Please note before I begin that I am not a lawyer and these tips on how to write a business contract are not legal advice.  Download PDF file of image below here.

How to Write A Business Contract

Are you just getting your business started and want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer but are afraid to write legalese yourself? These steps on how to write a business contract should help remove the element of fear and help you better understand what do. It would be smart to consult a lawyer to review your contract once you are done. Many of the contracts that my business uses have been written by myself based off of templates I find online then customized and fleshed out with what I want. I have an attorney friend who will generally review my contracts after I have written them to make sure they are free of errors and cover my bases. Below are the essentials of writing a good business contract:

  1. ALWAYS put all terms of an agreement in writing. Oral promises are worthless in court because though they may be legally binding they are often difficult to prove that they actually exist. I actually have run into a number of situations in which I made a written agreement with someone and then we couldn’t remember the terms later so the written agreement saved us the trouble of an expensive legal battle – it was a great reminder of what was needed.
  2. Use correct legal names. Identify the parties to the contract by their full legal business names (LLC or corporation) not by the individuals signing the contracts name. Make sure that whoever is signing the contract with you has the right to sign on behalf of the corporation. You need to make sure that this is accurate so that if the agreement goes south you have legal rights over that entity.
  3. Be direct. You don’t need to use a lot of fancy legal lingo for a contract to be effective. Be simple and direct in pointing out what needs to be included. Try to think of all relevant factors and situations that could come up and make sure those are addressed.  Keep things simple with clear numbered paragraph headings with nice titles.
  4. Don’t forget anything relevant. Judges will only enforce what is included in a contract, not what you discussed orally leading up to signing the contract. Make sure that everything is included. If there are charts, graphs, videos or other relevant information be sure to include them as “Exhibit A”, “Exhibit B”, etc. If you do end up forgetting something, create a short written amendment to add those details onto the contract.
  5. Confidentiality. Be sure to include a clause for non-disclosure if one or both of the businesses involved will learn private information about the other business.
  6. Select a state to govern the contract. Pick a state that will be in charge of arbitrating a disputed contract. Generally you will want this to be the state you are in. You also should include what legal steps each party should take when the contract is in dispute – does it go to mediation, arbitration, small claims court, or regular court? Deciding this stuff up front will avoid lots of legal red tape battles later if the contract does not go as planned.
  7. Include all information and details. Be sure to thoroughly explain the rights and duties of all the parties involved. Don’t forget the who, how, when, where or anything else.  Remember that anything not in the contract will not be enforceable in court.
  8. Specify exactly how the contract can be terminated or cancelled. Frequently one party or another will want to cancel or terminate a business contract. If they do choose to do so, they will need a set route established on how or when it can be done. Many times a cancellation will require one business to pay the other a fee or to perform a certain action. Another example might be that if one party misses many deadlines the other party can cancel the contract.
  9. Be very clear when money is involved. Be specific on who owes what to whom and when. Include what the penalties are for late payment. If installment payments are made be specific as to what dates they will be made on. If work needs to be done to the satisfaction of one party, be very specific on what exactly needs to be done to satisfy that party. Also include method of payment – credit card, cash, cashier’s check, etc.
  10. Signatures. Don’t forget to have both parties sign and date and obtain copies of the contract!
  11. Find template contracts to start from. If you are writing up a new contract type for the first time you can often simply Google search for it and you will turn up many other people’s similar contracts. I have put together my own little Frankenstein’s this way and then sent them to my attorney for a quick review and approval.

Coalition Technologies – Not Just Another SEO and Web Design Company

by Chris

There’s been a lot of talk in the business world about Coalition Technologies. You might have heard about us in prominent publications like Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, Computer World, PC World and ABC News. Based out of Los Angeles, and with offices in Seattle, Buenos Aires and India, Coalition Technologies offers cutting-edge Web design and Web marketing services that rank among the top in the industry. We’ve assisted everything from small start-up companies to large national brands in building their Web presence and advancing their business goals, helping them to achieve prominence in a crowded and competitive marketplace. So what is our company about? What sorts of services do we offer and why should you choose us for these services? Read on to find out.

Coalition Technologies – A General Overview

First and foremost, Coalition Technologies seeks to provide the best Web marketing talent in the industry to businesses of all different types, both large and small. We have worked with over 300 clients within 4 years most have been immensely happy with our work: we have a 97% client retention rate and a 99% client satisfaction rate. These clients aren’t just happy with our excellent service either. We admit we are a charming bunch, but there is something else we pride ourselves in delivering that really carries weight for us, as well as for our clients: real results. Our clients earn a combined revenue of $10,000,000 a month in online sales, as well as 15,000,000 visits a month through their websites. We help businesses both large and small achieve top rankings in their respective industries.

How do we do it? We consistently maintain our quality service by adhering to several core values that we think are important to an excellent SEO and design service. First of all, we are dedicated to providing metrics-driven marketing services. We know what sorts of problems arise when an agency makes vague promises that they can reason around if the results are less than stellar. We give you concrete, measurable goals so that you know exactly whether a given campaign is working as it should. Next, we are as committed to our clients’ success as our own. We want to listen to you and understand what goals you’d like to meet, as well as what you expect for your company. Also, we strive to be the best and brightest online marketers with creative design. There is a lot of competition out there in the online marketing world. We take pride in meeting the challenge of producing the most effective, creative marketing campaigns that will leave the competition far behind.

Finally, we believe that the highest quality of work is provided by talented professionals that are well cared for. We hire the top talent we can find and then nurture their skill and creativity with an excellent work environment and opportunities for a better life. Our professionals are encouraged to constantly improve themselves and are extremely motivated to do so. Needlessly to say, this benefits our clients in many ways.

The Services We Offer

Coalition Technologies specializes in Web marketing and website design, which implies several interlocking services that work together to give you the best online presence. We work closely with your business in order to advance toward your particular goals: we seek to understand the ideas behind your brand, the language your company uses to promote itself, the type of customers you appeal to, the culture behind your business and much more. Let’s discuss the many services we offer in crafting the best Web presence possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine traffic is a huge source of customer traffic in today’s market. If you are not showing up at the top of the search results in your given industry, you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue. Our expert SEO professionals can craft the websites and content with keywords that are most relevant to your potential customers and most effective when it comes to the actual search engines.

Web Design and Development – With so many customers going straight to company websites for information, your own business’ website serves as the visual representation of your company, as well as your public face. Our programmers and Web designers can craft a unique, custom website for you that features a striking aesthetic that expresses the core ideas of what your company is about. Not only will your website look great, but it will have the functionality that keeps customers coming back. Our team regularly works with powerful systems like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, ZenCart and NOPCommerce that can give your site the functionality to do just about anything you need.

Social Media – Building a social media presence achieves several things for your business. It helps spread word of your products and services, and it serves as a type of marketing platform. It also opens direct lines of communication from your customers to your business, allowing you to build excitement around products and services and cultivate dedicated fans to your brand. We can help you build a strong social media presence in little time.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – It seems easy enough: you pay a company like Google to advertise your business with a program like AdWords and watch the traffic flow in. However, many companies have had varying levels of success with such an approach. Many walk away disappointed. What matters is the approach you take. Our experts understand the top strategies in getting the most out of a pay-per-click campaign. We have experience with programs like Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter and can employ cutting-edge techniques to maximize paid traffic and rapidly grow your business.

Online Branding – Building a brand is essential to maintaining a lasting presence in a competitive marketplace. A truly great brand embeds itself in the mind of the consumer and communicates the essence of its parent business with a message that is as clear and compelling as possible. Of course this is not easy to accomplish. Luckily, our marketing professionals have the skills and knowledge it takes to build an effective and authoritative brand for you so that you can establish yourself as a serious player with a unique presence in the marketplace.

Email Marketing – Email marketing campaigns are less expensive than traditional postal marketing campaigns, and they have been found to be extremely effective. Fifty percent of consumers trust information in their emails and 59 percent of B2B marketers say that email is the best channel when it comes to generating revenue. What’s more, you get to keep in touch with your customers and inform them of great deals which will keep them coming back. Coalition Technologies provides excellent email marketing campaign management so you can make the best out of your email campaigns.

Why Choose Coalition Technologies?

Every business that wants to establish a serious presence in today’s marketplace understands the nature of the marketing landscape: all of the big consumer traffic is happening on the Internet, particularly through search engines, email and social media channels. This makes SEO marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and Web design expertise highly sought-after skills. With every company seeking to take advantage of such skills, it is no wonder that there are plenty of marketing and design agencies out there competing for business, claiming that their talent is the best in the industry. So why choose Coalition Technologies among all of the others?

Let’s recap what our company has to offer and why you should call us today and get your Web marketing campaign started right away. We have had enormous success with a large roster of clients for very good reason: we aspire to the highest standards in service, Web marketing effectiveness, design creativity and client satisfaction. We seek to understand the ideas, culture and goals behind your business and factor it all in to our cutting-edge SEO campaigns, Web designs, email marketing campaigns, branding efforts, social media marketing and much more. We carry out these tasks with the best professionals in the industry. We are one of the highest-rated marketing companies in the industry for good reason. Check out our portfolio for examples of our work. Are you looking to meet your business goals and grow your company to heights beyond what you’ve imagined? Give Coalition Technologies a call today at 1-888-800-9101 to receive a free quote.

Volusion SEO Firm – Choose Coalition Technologies

You’ve finally launched your online store using the Volusion eCommerce software platform.  Now that the cyber-doors are open, you need customers and you’re probably wondering how to get attention for your store. As the founder of L.A.’s leading SEO firm, I know the dilemma all too well.

Volusion SEO

Perhaps you’ve tried using the search engine optimization tools already included in your Volusion package. Maybe you’ve even made a few phone calls to your friend’s cousin, who’s really good with his own blog. But you aren’t an SEO expert, and the choices you’re making may not be the best ones for your product or for your overall vision.

And then you undoubtedly ask yourself the most important question: What is the best Volusion SEO firm to help me get the results I need?  In other words, which team can help me get attention for my store and my products?

The Advantages and Limitations of Volusion

Search optimization is a tricky and human-driven game where the rules constantly change and the competition is fierce.  While Volusion provides you with some SEO tools, using stock features is not the same as hiring an experienced and professional Volusion SEO firm that understands the ins and outs and the platform and the search engines.

Yes, Volusion software can perform SEO tasks with great precision. But its power begins and ends with the information you provide to it. And if you don’t provide the right information, you are effectively turning off your store’s lights and locking the front door.

Many Volusion entrepreneurs don’t know the proper methodologies, and grow discouraged when their rankings don’t improve. They may not know of the sometimes minor changes that are needed to improve their rankings. After all, software by itself is incapable of adapting on the fly and making sure that you’re getting the maximum return on your investment.

That’s where Coalition Technologies comes in.

Coalition Technologies – A Track Record of Success

We are fully committed to helping your site reach its full SEO potential. Of course, the static features offered by the software are nice, but you’ll be surprised how a few professional customization tweaks can make your site leap up the search engine rankings in short order.

Coalition Technologies can bring this kind of success to you. We are a Volusion partner and have a rich history of helping entrepreneurs just like you. We invite you to read through our portfolio and see what we can do. Our full-time staff of professional SEOs, developers, designers and copywriters will work together to take your site to new heights of success.

SEO Volusion

Our staff will oversee everything from your URL structure to your content creation, ensuring that no stone is left unturned and that every aspect of your Volusion site is fully optimized for SEO.

When you begin looking for a Volusion SEO firm, asking these questions can help you find the right solution for you.

1)   Has the firm worked with Volusion companies in the past?

2)    What improvements did they make in sales and traffic for those clients?

3)    Is there a full-time, dedicated team on board with Volusion experience?

Call Coalition Today

Ready to go?  If you need a truly superior Volusion SEO firm, visit us at Coalition Technologies. We are ready to take your business to the next level. Check out our website and call us for a free quote at 1-888-800-9101.

The Superpower of Leading by Example

Leading by example is a well-known and highly effective management technique documented in both the business world and in the military.  Humans naturally copy the behaviors of other humans around them in their social group.  The attitude and approach to work that one member takes often filters out to all the rest of the humans.

So what does leading by example mean in the context of a small business?

  1. The owner or CEO needs to demonstrate the behaviors that they are encouraging in employees
  2. Managers and other employees need to be encouraged to demonstrate desired behaviors
  3. Desired behaviors must be clearly outlined and then performed by everyone

1. Leading by Example: Starting at the top, demonstrate behaviors desired

Do you want employees to go above and beyond the call of duty in getting their jobs done? Do you want them to care about the bottom line of the business and the stated primary goals as much as you do?  You need to walk the talk and SHOW them that you truly believe it by pursuing it yourself.  If you show up at 10am each day and work till 4 and spend most of your free time golfing, do you expect your employees to put in 12 hour days? You must be insane if you do.  Would you work 12 hour days for a leader like that?

I am still new to management (only two full years managing people so far), but I do know that you must lead by example.  Every single day, I am the first person to start work (usually by 7:30am) and generally the last person to finish work (usually finish up around 9).  All of my employees understand my schedule:

7:30-1: Work
1-2:  Power nap
2-6:30: Work
6:30-7:40: Exercise
8-9ish: Work

I also work in an open office environment, so when my employees walk by me they can see that I am working and not screwing around.  They actually can hear quite a few of my phone conversations so I am very transparent with them about how the business is operated.  My employees also see that I literally LIVE in my office as well.  We have a large live/work loft and 11 employees come in to the office each day (we also have 12 remote employees).

If I ask for an extra effort out of any of my people, they are generally not as resentful because they see me putting forth even more effort. I am still working hard to find better ways to inspire people to want to go above and beyond.

2. Leading by Example: Managers and other employees must also demonstrate key behaviors

People imitate the behaviors of their social group: not just the CEO or owner.  Thus it’s important for managers and key employees to also help take the lead in demonstrating the right behaviors.  Managers need to stay focused and on task and get excited about their work.  That excitement will spread virally to other employees.

3. Leading by Example: Everyone needs to participate

All of your employees need to understand that they are part of leading by example.  One rotten apple can ruin the whole group.  Good managers must be on the lookout for this and quickly make changes before disease spreads.