1582: Dr. John Dee Receives Books Dictated By Angels

Dr. John Dee, a mathematician, astrologer & philosopher hired a man named Edward Kelley to help be an intermediary between himself and angels.‚  Through their contact with angels, several books were dictated and written down by Dee that were intended for the service of humanity.‚  The two men toured Europe with their newfound books and ideas for several years until an angel told Edward Kelley that they should share their wives.‚  Dr. John Dee apparently wasn’t such a big fan of swinging.

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  1. To the people who waste time trying to destroy pastors, stop writing malicious things about men of God. If you dont like what they preach because the truth is too hard and bitter a pill for most of you to swallow, tough!

    Scandals, money laundering, etc are all vices used to stain their images but some of us know better. Men of God can own ranches!!! Abraham was closest to God and he was so very rich. So were David, Solomon, etc.

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