The purpose of life

So many people waste endless time listening to the bullshit advice “find yourself and your meaning!” taught by modern US society. The rest of living creatures from our time and all living things from the last billion years knew exactly what the meaning of life was: Survive and Reproduce. As soon as you have children of your own, you will start to see this too (but you have to avoid poisons like drugs and alcohol and even maybe caffeine to see it). Working towards your true purpose of having children, caring for your children, raising your children to be highly successful, and working each day to help them will give you true joy and happiness and meaning. You don’t see ants or rabbits or crows or salmon pining away wondering about their purpose… like many species, they have a hard coded instinct to survive and reproduce. Humans have this instinct too, but we let our big brains mislead us in odd directions like philosophy or politics or video games or weird fetishes or religion or a lot of other unproductive areas. As soon as you start working towards the purpose that is hard coded in every life form, you will start to know true joy and true meaning. If you have children of your own, and you put them first like you should, life will start to be complete for you. 

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.