First Day at Riverside Quarry

When I picked up some snacks this morning at Trader Joes the day had an ignomious start. I walked out after making my purchases to find my front car door wide open… apparently in my absent-mindedness I had forgotten to shut it! Scary because later in the day I was going to be trusting my life to my focus and abilities to do things correctly!… read more “First Day at Riverside Quarry”

Response Website Designers in Los Angeles


The term “responsive design” is becoming increasingly commonplace, not just among developers, but even in the mainstream. As the founder of Coalition Technologies, the most successful team of responsive website designers in Los Angeles, I have been following the trend for as long as mobile devices have supported web integration. As smart phones become more intuitive, business are faced with the challenge of how to appeal to the growing number of mobile web surfers in a practical and reliable way.… read more “Response Website Designers in Los Angeles”

QR Codes on Website – Developers in Los Angeles

QR-CodeYou have undoubtedly seen more than a few QR codes over the past couple of years. You have seen them on websites, posters, and even product packaging. They are the funny-looking square bar codes that resemble static on an old black-and-white television set. But they’re more than just bar codes. As the founder and CEO of Coalition Technologies, I have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to researching how QR codes can be used to improve the success of online businesses, and the results are staggering.… read more “QR Codes on Website – Developers in Los Angeles”

My Long Distance Relationship Attempt

I had always told myself I would never attempt a long distance relationship.  Close friends had had long distance relationships and inevitably failed.  Most people who have had one swear that they will never do another.  One friend foolishly pursued two and now is twice as adamantly opposed. Success stories are the rare exception that prove the rule.  … read more “My Long Distance Relationship Attempt”

Amazon Webstore SEO Company

It wasn’t long ago that many businesses shied away from eCommerce, not because they were averse to the idea of selling online, but because they were intimidated by the prospect of hiring full-time designers and developers to build and maintain an online storefront. The cost alone made it impossible for many businesses to create a presence in Cyberspace.… read more “Amazon Webstore SEO Company”

How To Wake Up Early – CEOs Secrets

Waking up early is a very important part of increasing your productivity. Most business activity shuts down by 6pm, so the more hours of work you can get in before 6 the better.

Waking up early also needs to be sustainable. Doing it for two weeks is worthless, this should be a long term commitment. In order to get up before the birds on a daily basis you need to not be exhausted.… read more “How To Wake Up Early – CEOs Secrets”

Great Business Litigation / Defamation Attorney in Phoenix AZ

I recently dealt with a difficult libel legal issue in Phoenix, Arizona. I won’t get into it too much, but I hired an excellent business litigator named David Enevoldsen who did a superb job of handling my case.

David Enevoldsen is an attorney with a lot of experience and expertise in business litigation and defamation cases.  … read more “Great Business Litigation / Defamation Attorney in Phoenix AZ”

Guest Post: Black Rooster on Working Out

Today we are fortunate to have a guest blog post from my old friend the Black Rooster on working out. Enjoy!

Dear Readers,

I would like to dedicate this video to all people who join expensive gyms and spend tons of money on clothes, supplements and other shit that you don’t need. I always hear people say things like “I don’t wanna join that gym because they don’t have this or that machine”.… read more “Guest Post: Black Rooster on Working Out”

NetSuite Search Engine Optimization Agency – Why You Need One


NetSuite is almost mind blowing in its capabilities. From cloud computing to financial accounting, eCommerce management to site design, there’s almost nothing you can’t do. Having NetSuite is like having an entire multi-departmental staff of professionals who never demand a raise and never ask for time off. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Well, unfortunately even NetSuite has its limitations.… read more “NetSuite Search Engine Optimization Agency – Why You Need One”