Guest Post: Black Rooster on Working Out

Today we are fortunate to have a guest blog post from my old friend the Black Rooster on working out. Enjoy!

Dear Readers,

I would like to dedicate this video to all people who join expensive gyms and spend tons of money on clothes, supplements and other shit that you don’t need. I always hear people say things like “I don’t wanna join that gym because they don’t have this or that machine”. These are people who will NEVER have a good body and get ripped. These are usually fat and lazy people who are just looking for an excuse to not work out. The biggest and baddest dudes that I have ever seen and trained with have always been in ghetto / average gyms. These guys are true beasts and they will train like animals with whatever they have at hand. Whether its free weights and machines or rocks and sandbags. I also hate dudes who try to do “trendy” shit like aerobics for dudes or thai boe or anything like that. My friend Joel recently picked up rock climbing. I truly commend him for that because mountain/rock climbing is a very challenging and difficult sport. It’s a  sport that requires excellent physical and mental strength. As a matter of fact my trainer who is also a pro bodybuilder goes mountain climbing once a week as part of his cardio routine before competition. So well done Mr Joel and keep it up!

I personally hate expensive and fancy gyms because all you see is a bunch of douchebags wearing neon green nikes with tight shorts and orange tank tops. They usually don’t know anything about bodybuilding or weightlifting but they talk like they’re Ronnie Coleman’s trainer.

I actually have a rather amusing story. I used to workout at this one gym a couple of years ago. My trainer (who is a beast btw) would always put on gangster rap or hip hop music when we trained. He believed that the only proper music for hardcore bodybuilding is either gangster rap or hard rock. After we were done training we were sitting in the coffee shop eating our lunches. Sitting at the table next to us were two young dudes, typical douchebags in their neon Nikes and tights. They were just about to get up and start their workout when one of the guys turned around to his friend and said “Oh my god the music they play here is so ghetto. I can’t work out to this. I wanna listen to Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez when I work out”. As soon as we heard this me and my trainer busted out laughing so hard that these guys got up and left!

So in conclusion my dear fat readers you see that all you need to get ripped is a beast mentality.

Train. Eat. Sleep. Period.

Now please enjoy this video that I have posted for you and maybe you’ll learn one thing or two!

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