Great Business Litigation / Defamation Attorney in Phoenix AZ

I recently dealt with a difficult libel legal issue in Phoenix, Arizona. I won’t get into it too much, but I hired an excellent business litigator named David Enevoldsen who did a superb job of handling my case.

David Enevoldsen is an attorney with a lot of experience and expertise in business litigation and defamation cases.  When I called him about my case, he patiently explained to me all of the points of law and issues that I was going to deal with. He presented my options to me in a clear, concise, reasonable manner which really helped me to deal with my case in the best way possible.

Over the ensuing weeks, David was very helpful and thoughtful in his analysis, planning, negotiations, and general work he did for me. Even though I never actually met him in person since I am based in Los Angeles, he gained my complete trust because of his great responsiveness, honesty, and knowledge of the law.

No one likes to have to go to court, but if you find yourself in a difficult legal situation in Phoenix Arizona, make sure you call David Enevoldsen first. His contact information is below:

David Enevoldsen
Enevoldsen Law Office, PLLC
2121 South Mill Ave., Ste. 102
Tempe, Arizona 85282

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