NetSuite Search Engine Optimization Agency – Why You Need One


NetSuite is almost mind blowing in its capabilities. From cloud computing to financial accounting, eCommerce management to site design, there’s almost nothing you can’t do. Having NetSuite is like having an entire multi-departmental staff of professionals who never demand a raise and never ask for time off. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Well, unfortunately even NetSuite has its limitations.… read more “NetSuite Search Engine Optimization Agency – Why You Need One”

CoreCommerce SEO Company


You have spent a lot of time perfecting your CoreCommerce online store. You’ve chosen the perfect layout, uploaded all of your products, and written enough product descriptions to fill an encyclopedia. You’re understandably quite proud of what you’ve accomplished, but something’s missing. Your sales just aren’t what they should be. You’ve done all of the necessary work, but for some reason, you’re just not breaking even.… read more “CoreCommerce SEO Company”

The Importance Of Why

People need to understand WHY they are doing a task just as much as they need to understand the HOW or the WHEN of a task.

If you give someone a task without explaining why they need to it, they frequently will do a poor job and lack motivation in what they are doing.

Shopify Review – Is it The Ultimate eCommerce Solution?

Shopify is an industry leader in shopping cart solutions. If you have spent any time researching eCommerce providers online, perhaps you’ve even been bombarded with colorful banner ads urging you to give Shopify a try. And perhaps you’ve wondered if this unique engine is really worth the investment. After all, there are plenty of content management systems that will allow you to build an online store and sell products— does Shopify really stand above the pack?… read more “Shopify Review – Is it The Ultimate eCommerce Solution?”

Cheaters Prosper in America

One thing I have noticed is that cheaters prosper in American business. As someone who struggles to operate an honest business that delivers on all of our promises it is painful to see the people who cheat and cut corners and are successful.

One cheater is a sleazy competitor of mine that offers low cost marketing services… but does absolutely no work.… read more “Cheaters Prosper in America”

New Jack City

I went to New Jack City with Kristin and Evan and did some rock climbing this weekend. It was my first visit and I had a good time. We also met a nice couple named Wes and Ericka who also climb at Rockreation. I top rope climbed two 5.10a’s and a 5.9 saturday night in the dusk and today I climbed two great 5.10a’s… read more “New Jack City”

Magento CE Review – See How the Platform Measures Up

Magento is synonymous with eCommerce. It’s one of the oldest and most popular platforms around, and if you need to build an online store, you won’t do much better than Magento. As the founder of a leading Web development firm, I’ve been using Magento for years, and this isn’t my first Magento review. It is, however, my first time focusing specifically on the Magento Community Edition, or Magento CE.… read more “Magento CE Review – See How the Platform Measures Up”